You are looking  for more insiration and information? Here I collected some sites I really appreciaty. It is a selection, because I like far more websites, but that would be overwhelming. 😉 SOme sites I visit for info, some just for eye candy. Some have both for me – of course these are my favourites.


Langhaarnetzwerk The langhaarnetzwerk is the biggest longhair forum in the German speaking area with several thousand users. It is really all and only about long hair. Even though the forum is large it is well structured. It is my home forum, I always enjoy hanging around there, even though by now I am not as often there as I used to were.

Longhaircommunity is the forum for English speakers. The LHC is very big and unfortunatley also very confusing in its structure. As a newbie it is really difficult to find what you re looking for, especially as you don’t get immediate access to all areas. But: it looks like the site is under construction. I am curious.

Haartraumfrisuren Nessa not only creates great video tutorials for hairstyles and haircare, she really just is an exceptionally talented braider. As she is also blessed with absolute stunning hir (kneelength, super thick, healthy and shiny), the wow-factor is totally hers. I love her Instagram for gorgeous photos and her Youtube for the videos.

bebexo This Canadian girl with Asian roots seems looks very young and girlish what makes all the difference for her hairstyles. She is a real sunshine. Her styles are modern and beautiful. Often you ask yourself why you did not make up a certain simple idea in your own head. She has layerd, typically asian darkbrown straight hair which is about hiplength.

Lilith Moon She is one of my personal favourits as she naturally has rather thin hair but still she has her tricks ta create great hairstyles with it. Additionally, styles which look modern and fresh, more than most buns and braidworks which are common among the lognhair communities (but still I like those styles too, but one day like this, one like that). For hairstyles with more length and thickness she is using clip-in extensions. her videos are high end, she always is a freindly nice girl. Lilith’s own hair is at about APL and as mentioned above not very thick, the haircolour os a bleached platinum to very light golden blonde. With her extensions she reaches BSl to waistlength.

aurorabraids Braids with Norwegian background. The hairstyles are really amazing but for me it is mostly the setting which makes all the difference to other channels. They quickly became popular especially for their enourmously pancaked fishtailbraid variations. By now they became very professional at their business, YouTube and books included.

flettemamma Again a Norwegian braider. Her styles are very neat and accurate almost always on goldenblond manes, as well on children’s heads as on adults. Very good photo quality. Again YouTube and book included.

Woman Beauty Sklemina Tatiana shows classic updos combined with braidwork, always presented on a doll’s head. She creates really beautiful prom and wedding updos, and even though this doll is not mine I recommend her for insoiration and tecchnique.

silvousplaits hairstyling Pretty long red hair. She recently made a Middleearth series which was really worth to watch. Many elvenlike hairstyles, you know I like them. And classic braidwork.

ladyamalthea84 This is the Instagram account of “our unicorn”. Sabrina’s over classic long silk mane is just the definition of silkyness. And yes, honestly, her  super light blonde haircolour is all natural.

lena_nymeria Over classic long brown locks and Lena really has an eye for beautiful hairjewelry – and for food decoration es well.


Deliciously Ella Clean eating with a face you can’t help but love. Such a warmhearted, natural human! And again a story which shows witn all significance, what a healthy lifestyle is able to heal.

urgeschmack Paleo-primal based site with tons of background information, but German only.

paleo360 Paleo with information and recipes. This site is nicely layoutet and additionally even a site which is not such a typical blogging girlish dream. Depends on the fact that among paleo’s you find way more men than women, especially compared with the vegan scene…

Kimberly Snyder The detox queen. She proclaims a holistic lifestyle with a focus on clean eating, vegan diet, digestion and yoga. Or site is beautiful… but I have to warn you as it is the one with the most annoying pop-ups. This really is a reason why I prefer to look in her books than to go on her website.


Rosalina Lintang The Indonesian illustrator is at the moment my biggest idol and the day she will notice me will be celebrated with prosecco and  all time giggling. She draws an own comic, which you can read on Instagram, the printed book is in progress by now. But what I love way more is her drawing accoun, where she somehow posts her own fanart of her original charactars. She is inspiring me a lot when it comes to Jakob. I just love Visi and Hosea! I have a real crush on them!

Stand Still Stay Silent Really amazing webcomic from Minna Sundberg taking place in  postapocalyptic Skandinavia 90 years in the future. Nordic mythologiy and classic zombie elements mix and combine with a great atmospheric drawing sytle. I really wait for every update.

Schmoedraws Simone is a German illustrator who I loved right from the start. She draws daily life, outfits and has a fable for witches. If you don’t have Instagram, here is her  tumblr.

loisvb It is all about light and colour – and of course just stunning figures. She really earned it to see her artworks displayd on the box of the new Wacom Cintiq.

Audrey Kawasaki Fragile girls with sleepy eyes: did they just wake up from a dream? Are they stoned? You’ll never know. These girls often show up in company of morbid elements like skeletons and decay.The hair is always grat. And I love the wooden backgrounds.

Wilde Life Pascalle Lepas’s webcomic about the twentysomething year old Oscar Wilde (not the author 😉 ) who spends some time in the middle of nowhere of Oklahoma in the littel village Podunk. Ghosts, werewolves, witches… actually that is not what I usually read, but Pascalle really does a good job. The only thing really sad is: when you visit her site you land on the recent update of the comic. This unfortunately can kill all tensions. So don#t scroll down but immediately clikc to where you want to look at.

Simply Nice

Mimi Ikonn This my favourite YouTube channel by now but also her Instagram makes me happy. Can I pease be freinds with this woman? Beautiful hair, healthy food, holistic lifestyle, creativity, openmindedness and warmth. She and her husband Alex are maybe the most adoringbly socil media couple I “know”. I own thir books and love to recommend them: The Productivity Planner, The Five Minute Journal and The Bingo Theory. I will write about them soon. 🙂 For the Planner, the article is already online.

Holistic Habits Sarah is a girl to envy – but onlx for a seond. She is just too nice. Holistic lifestyle as the name already tells, yoga, ayurveda, relaxing, natural cosmetics and beautiful crystals. Her hair is just mazing. And I highly recommend her video about the oil cleansing method.

bekleidet Fashion, lifestyle, travelling and interior combined wit a friendly and clever mind. Jana is a Blogger from Münster but who travels the world a lot. One of my alltime fsvourite blogs as she really is the opposite of dumb.

look! pimp your room Interior inspiration en masse. The recent trends are shurely shown here, even when they turn out not to be scandinavian. But most times they are. 😉