Here you find my personal way to my dream of a Rapunzel’s mane – bitter setbacks included as well as promising regrowth.
I started 2010 with 76cm which was a bit more than BSL and reached my maximum length in 2013 with 103cm which was a bit over tailbonelength. Hairloss took away from me this dream length only just one month before my wedding so that I was back to 78cm in 2014 and had to do a complete restart. Since November 2014 the hairloss is really over and my hair regrows. By now (July 2016) I am back to 92cm and growing.
Patience and dedication pay off. Okay, and a healthy lifestyle and good haircare. That I never lost the joy of taking beautiful hairphotos and hairstyles (on others basically during the hard times) did a lot for me to stay on track. And my longhaired girls which were always great inspiration and motivation and – at first place – friends.

Die Artikel hier sind eine Auswahl der wichtigeren Meilensteine (und einfach tollen Fotos). Für die ganze Geschichte könnt ihr euch durchd as Label “length” in der Sidebar scrollen. 🙂
These articles here are selected milestones (and just goprgeous photos). For the full story scroll through my label “length” which you find in the sidebar.