An overview over the most important articles on your way to long healthy hair. Now after the blog move I am already working on editing these articles, to improve the content or you. Until I have finished that,  I ask for your patience with my old photo style and way of writing.

Do’s & Don’t’s
Abbrieviations overview

How to measure your hairlength
Hairlengths chart
Hairtyping (1cFii etc.)
Hairthickness respectively ponytail thickness

Let’s talk about natural hair colour

Let’s talk about hair structure (and the change of it)

How to trim your own hair

Thin hair long and beautiful – basics
Inspiration for thin hair

Taper – What is this (natural thinning of hair from roots to tips)

Hairloss basics – what is normal, what is not?

Basic Hairstyles

As hairfriendly handling and everyday hairstyles are so important I highly recommend my friend Nessa’s website and there the bun-with-hairstick video tutorials.