16. July 2017

When is the right time for a baby? – Money, society and personal growth

This is the first of two parts concerning this higly requested topic of this important question in life. Today I am here with some hard facts about money and society here in Germany, next time I will be back with how we made our personal decision.

There is nothing like the right time for kids!
Having children may not be a question of money!
If the baby is there, things will work out.

These words are all so true, but, unfortunately also so naive. At least they are for starting a family in Germany. I will keep things short again today, as this is really depending on the place you live and I can only talk about my government here.


24. June 2017

Babyshower, maternity leave and… just about 10 weeks left!

I really love garden parties! No need to party hard, just feasting, chatting, laughing and taking photos: In my world this is perfect!
Also perfect is the fact that I left for maternity protection this week and am now off from work for around 14 months. What a great chance to develope, to grow and enjoy this very new and challenging time of life!

We had really nice weather, our garden was pretty and in bloom and my girls came over to eat and chat – last Saturday we celebrated Merle’s babyparty in an all relaxing way. Of course we tidyed and cleaned before hand and prepared some food, also we decorated the garden with our wedding decoration paper balls but besides that no fancy extras like garlands or bottle shaped cupcakes or rompershaped cake. No games, just being. Perfect, I already said so.


13. June 2017

Welcome to Merle’s nursery!

I proudly present the almost finished baby’s room

Finally! Merle’s room is finished enough that I can fool myself to say it is finished – even though some things are still missing. I just guess that we will get some decoration and toys the next time, so I did not buy any further and wait for what will come. you know I am a pro at waiting. Not!


5. June 2017

Heiki reads: HypnoBirthing by Marie Mongan

One of the highest recommandations I got concerning pregnancy books and so I read it too. Even though this – again – is a book I would not have chosen by cover and title for myself. Luckily I learned to listen to recommandations first. And I recommend it too. But not for everybody. 😉

What is it all about?

About birth and labor obviously. A natural, easy, painfree birth, so claims the cover. With audio CD: Do I have to listen to it…? Well okay I take the easy, painfree birth to go, please. So let’s start reading.


17. May 2017

#teampink and #teamblue

Boy, girl, unisex? – When we talk about gender specific clothing or nursery it seems as if we discuss something as sensitive as politics or religion.

I had very good talks about gender topics over the last weeks: about identity, biological gender, sex and personality. Because of course the question of “Is it a boy or a girl?” stayed and since  it is clear that we are expecting a girl, two other questions followed: “How do you think about pink?” and “Will she have to wear her hair long too?”


23. April 2017

Hello M****! – baby names and how to choose them

Okay the woman who failed already choosing a nice name for her dog now tells you how to choose a name for a human. Might be funny…

“This is Hurley.”
“No, Hurley.”
“Ahhh… Like Liz Hurley?”
“Actually just like the fat guy from Lost, but yes, like Liz Hurley.”
“She really is a cutie!”
“He. He is a male.”

This is the normal conversation happening, when I introduce my dog. And in German it is even more complicated as German language is not really made for pronouncing “Hurley” right. That’s the fail I was talking about right in the subline.


9. April 2017

Babybump in a sea of flowers

And like this 20 of 40 weeks have passed. halftime. This post with its pictures is meant to celebrate this.

This here is a photo article and my biggest thanks go to my friend Cordula who went with me to the Rombergpark last week when the magnolia trees were in perfect bloom. Together we sat on benches, enjoyed the weather and took some photos in the pace I was able to. Lot’s of love darling! I am bringing strawberrycheesecake for us today!


1. April 2017

pregnancy and nauseousness – my big and little helpers

Promised, this article provides more information than only: “Gingertea!” and “Eat more smaller meals!”

These are great advices, but by far not the only. I did my best so make a list of personal helpers and researched advice from midwifes, gynekologists and other pregnant women.


19. March 2017

It is a… welcome to the gender reveal!

A boy! Or wait, no… a girl. A boy? Yes? No. Hmmm. Tricky.

Hello my friends! It is time to share with you our biggest recent news: we know know the gender of our baby. But it was a bit tricky to find out.


2. March 2017

Babybump weeks 13, 14, 15 – pukeweeks

Anyways. we have to celebrate a bit! The first trimester is done!

Here I am with a little baby update. Big change first. my English translations will be way shorter from now on as I just don’t have the time and energy to keep up the long translations, especially as over 90% of my readers are German. I am sorry but do my best to keep you informed and still have a friendly tone. 🙂 Instagram is way more English, by the way.