19. July 2017

Senza Limiti exhibition: today, gallery Scheytt in Munich

Senza Limiti’s hairjewelry is unique and precious – something not only I know for shure, but also the gallery Scheytt in Munich realized.Today Senza Limiti has an exhibition there. And we – the longhaired girls from our Allgäu-meetup at Nessa’s – had the honor to showcase some of their jewelry in a promo video.

And so I have to give a big, big thank you not only to Senza Limiti, who gave their artworks to us, but also to Nessa who did all the filming, editing and postproduction necessary to create this beautiful little film. We other girls were just happily modelling for her.

So if you want to see more and in detail and are also intersted in meeting Gundula and Giuseppe in person here is the place and the time to be today:

Wednesday 19. Juli 2017
11:00-20:00 Uhr
Gallery Schett, Kaiserstraße 23 in Munich

Have fun! And I heard Nessa will be there too! I would have loved to join the exhibition too, but with over 600km of distance and being so close to the end of my pregnancy I decided to be better safe and only a bit sorry, that I stay here, than taking the risk of this long journey. And if you see something in this video here, which strikes you eye, always feel free to contact Senza Limiti via info@senzalimiti.net to ask for a reservation of a certain accessoire. 🙂

Klick “read more” for some photos!


8. June 2017

Senza Limiti Angelique with Rosequartz

Mey Allgäu-souvenir and at first place jewelry with a meaning for me. Because I not only had an eye on the Senza Limiti KPO forks with these little leaves, I also had my plans about rosequartz.

We remeber how my pregnancy started with euphoria – just to be slowed down almost totally by the lowest energy I experienced for ages and endless weeks of nauseousness. What did I do in that situation? I watched youtube (and Vox-no with “Zwischen Tüll und Tränen”, a docutainment about brides finding their wedding dress, similar to the Amercian “My perfect wedding dress”) to let the time pass between start of nauseousness and finally bedtime. I watched a lot from Holistic Habits and Sarah has such beautiful gemstones! Maybe out of sympathy I started carrying around my rosequartz palmstone, because me too I own some gemstones, I even colleckted them, when I was a kid… And then I bought two further rosequartz palmstones. For a few weeks I carried them with me in my jeans’ pockets and played with them in my hands.
Meanwhile they are back on my nightstand just being decorative.


22. December 2016

Hairfriendly ombré with xtend-your-hair extensions

Can I have such pretty ombré hair please? Just like I see it every day on social media, because they clever algorithms know what I like. Yes? No, it is hairdamaging, especially for such fine hair as mine. Oh but wait…! Yes, I can have that!


23. October 2016

Senza Limiti Festive Hairaccessoires

Die Braut, ihr Kleid, die Location –
aber Ladies, natürlich haben wir auch Frisuren und Haarschmuck zu zeigen!

Heute könnt ihr sowohl bei mir als auch bei Nessa von Haartraumfrisuren und Echtandrea ein kleines (großes) Spezial zum Thema Hochzeitsgastfrisuren genießen. Und das Beste für euch dieses mal ist: Der Schmuck, den wir alle tragen, ist nicht unserer. Senza Limiti hat ihn uns für das Fest geliehen. Das heißt alle Kämmchen und Spangen sowie der Haarstab können bei Senza Limiti gekauft werden. So, wie sie sind. Oder gekürzt natürlich. Wir hatten dadurch traumhaften Schmuck für einen wundervollen Tag an Nickikes Hochzeit und ihr als Leser habt diesmal nicht nur die Möglichkeit euch inspirieren zu lassen und bei Senza Limiti anzufragen, ob ihr etwas “in der Art wie” haben könnt, nein, genau die Stücke sind zu haben.
The bride, her dress, the location – but ladies, of course we also want to show hairstyles and accessoires of that wonderful day of Nickike’s wedding. Today you can enjoy special articles about our styles and jewelry on our three blogs: Haartraumfrisuren by Nessa, Echtandrea by Andrea and mine here. The best for you: The jewelry we wear is not ours, Senza Limiti borrowed it to us for the celebration. This means that the combs and clips and the hairstick are for sale. Just as you see them here. Or shortend, of course. Like this we could wear extraordinarily beautiful jewelry that day and you as a reader can ask for exactly the pieces shown on our photos and don’t have to ask for “something like”.

Und wir alle haben uns ziemlich zurück halten müssen, um nicht selbst unsere Krallen um ein paar der Dinger zu schließen. Besonders die Mondsteinspange hatte ziemlich viele Fans. Also dann:
And we really had to hold us back not to buy the clips for ourselves. Especially the moonstone clip had many fans. here we go:


9. October 2016

Nickike’s Wedding Hairstyle Preview

Here comes the bride, here comes the bride…! – Okay, almost. 🙂