…or who is Jakob Winter?
Jakob is a lot and at the same time he is not. He is not my alter ego but he is my creation, my child. He is no portrayal but a reflection. Jakob is the hero and the anti-hero of my novel series which could be describes as the story of my life. With him in the center it is his name which gave also name to the books: Who is Jakob Winter?
It is the story of two brothers, of two strong young women and of at least three relationships. It is a story about loyality and friendship and the myth of creation and failure of unconditional love. Not at last it is the story about the sometime more sometimes less desperate trials and errors to deal with the promises adulthood could not keep, searching for a way and searching for oneself.

An own homepage is in planning but until then there is an Instagram account and a facebook profile for Jakob – but you might already knwo, I am far more into Instagram. You can follow the progress via the widget in my sidebar. And look, I made a little overview for you here too so you can come to know my protagonists a bit better already.