Und du so?

Hello, I am Heike. I blog since 2009, love long hair for as long as I can think and grow my own mane systemetically since 2010. Drawing and writing is my true self I and I guess playing smartypants too. My hair is very fragile and can’t be counted to the manes which just grow long by simply waiting and not cutting them. Finally it was my whish for own very long hair which lead me to a lot of research and focus on my health. Well and this resulted in today’s best fitness and health I ever had in my whole life. My hair is growing happily and I am approaching my Rapunzel goal with every new centimeter.
Here on haselnussblond.de I share my journey and my dreams: with inspiring photos and hairstyles, information about health, fitness and food and – my personal Nemesis – hairloss. Always honest, always questioning and every day a better self than yesterday.

One day I’m gonna be Rapunzel!