4. August 2017

Visit the new www.haselnussblond.de website in german language.

Join the new website www.haselnussblond.de in german language.


I am sorry, but I decided that I won’t continue to translate my articles. If you want to see all pictures and give the German version a try, switch to “DEUTSCH” in the top right corner of the header.


My statistics are clear: 95% of my readers speak German and as I tend to write very long articles, the translations are very, very time consuming for me, even though I am fast at them. But you can still follow my Instagram if you like which will remain bilingual.

I hope you are not too disappointed. If my statics change, I might reconsider translating again.


3 Kommentare

  1. I’ve been reading another German-only hair blog despite not knowing a lick of German. I have a Google translate application in my browser which translates German to English just fine. A weird grammatical error here and there, but nothing too annoying. I’ve seen a few blogs that have the Google translate application installed on the blog so that visitors don’t have to go download the application themselves. You could try that, if you want. In any case, I’ll keep reading your blog!

    Cheers ~*

    1. Oh you are right, I could try that. Thank you for the advice. And I am happy to read, that you still like to follow. 🙂 Best wisches, Heike

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