1. July 2017

Heiki reads: The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

“Gooood morniiiiing!”, Miracle Morning, this sounds like somebody freaking out in excitement even before daylight to motivate you to live the best day of your life right now. Stressful overpositive people they are. 😉 In fact the Miracle Morning is the opposite of stressful and has helped me a lot to start my days way more focussed and happy and live my life both more relaxed and productive.

A good start is halfway to your goal

It is how we start our days which determines how we live our days, weeks, months and oops, another year has passed! The morning is the time of the day to tackle the most important tasks before we get worn by our daily life.

First things first

Depending on the Miracle Morning these first things are supposed to be things, which you do to invest in yourself to become the preson you need to be to create the life you want to live. It is all about selfdevelopement and selfcare. These things should be done as they are things which are most likely to be postponed to the end because we “don’t have time”. So do them before your job, your studies, household or any other obligations wear you out. You are your biggest investment. I could not agree more.

You can’t pour from an empty glass.

The life S.A.V.E.R.S.

As I already teaserd in my  review of “Rethinking Positive Thinking by Gabriele Oettingen also the Miracle Morning has a fancy acronym for its technique. This time it is not WOOP, but there are the Life S.A.V.E.R.S. Six aspects to implement in your morning routine to create the best version of yourself.  I guess you will already know these aspects, even though you did not call them life savers. It is their combination which form the Mircale Morning routine.


You can go for meditation of course or just enjoy some minutes all by yourself and your thoughts. Silence on the outside helps to become calm in your head. For beginners silence on the outside normally shows the clutter on the inside of your head the need to structure. Calm will follow. 🙂


These are phrases or mantras,you say to yourself to encourage you to be the person you want to be. “I am beautyful!” “I am a successful entrepreneur!” If you implement also how you are being and doing what you affirmate, you are even one step further: “I am beautyful, because I take good care of myself with my food and fitness choices and by loving myself.”  Best for affirmations is to speak them out loud or even write them down, not only thinking them. Speaking them out loud can feel pretty weird, when you have never done that before, but keep in mind that most people have mo problem to talk negative about themselves even in front of others. “I look so tired today!” “I can’t do this, I am not good enough.” Not to mention the inner monologue many people have about themselves which is also often negative. Affirmations are for the positive. A balance and a friendly push forward.


Visualize your goal, your dream life, what ever it is you crave. Visualize it with all your senses, not just visibly. 😉 Dream it! Even better is to visualize also the way you need to go to get there.

Note: The Miracle Morning does not explicitly check back on reality like WOOP does with mental contrasting. But as WOOP prooved that this reality check is crucial I say, don’t miss this part and after visualization go back to your momentary situation to see were you are right now compared to your dream to get the most activation possible from your visualization.


Even if you can only go for 1 minute of jumping jacks. But of course better would be a full workout of 20-60 minutes, more is optional. Exercise is best to activate your body and gives you energy through the day. Not to mention the health benefits.


Here we talk about selfdevelopement books or other books about subjects you want to improve in. No novels here. Some YouTube videos can count into this learning too, but definitely we don’t talk about make-up tutorials here. Read something which helps you evolve. To become the person you want to be, you need to do some research about this future person.


Writing is for your mind what tidying and decluttering is for your home. Journaling is highly recommended for this task, but a simple paper will also do. Write down what was important to you through the first aspects of the life savers. Your affirmations, maybe an insight, a commitement or just a to-do-list. Make shure to have all you daily writing together so you can reread it after a while. This revisiting can give you more insights about you than the writing itself in the moment. This is why I love journaling! Nothing shows progress better then this!

 Note: Here you can implement the reality check or the full WOOP too. Like this you can have the full benefits of both: Miracle Morning and WOOP

That’s it. No really new magic but nevertheless I agree with Hal: These habits can transform your morning and create some bigger and smaller miracles in your life. I am shure you know people who do one or more of these habits in their morning routine (or you do?), but it is the combination which really balances them and makes them so effective.

More than only new habits

Additionally the book shows you how to work with the life savers even if you really, really are not a morning person. It also tells you how to do a Miracle Morning if you only have 10 minuntes for it. But you will quickly learn, that it is worth to give it 30 minutes or more. It is loaded with very good affirmations and believe me, I am somebody who follows various accounts for inspirational quotes and the book is really among the best. All together this book was so good for me that I immediately reread it. So it is like  Clean your Clutter with Feng Shui one of the very few books I revisited and it is the first I reread right after finishing it and this time I made notes in it – which I normally don’t do because I like to keep my books neat and clean.

Critics: My Miracle… Night?!

There are some things which are not overall my taste, like Hal being a bit too super enthusiastic (very Amercian style of motivational writing – I often have this problem with American writers, seems to be a cultural problem or at least a Heiki-American problem 😉 ) and talking a bit too much about his own success story (which is impressing, but well I don’t need to read this over and over again). Also he talks about mediocrity as something bad which I understand from his point of view. But what he considers to be mediocrity, sorry, would already be a great success for many people. Later in the book he states that it is important to be comfortable with oneself, feeling that oneself is enough, but after so many repetitions of the bad behind being “only mediocre” I could not really believe him at this point.

What is a true critic which has nothing to do with my personal taste of reading is that the Miracle Morning has one big disadvantage: the Morning. I totally agree, that the morning is best for all the life savers, but for many people their jobsituation is not made for this. Getting up earlier for the Miracle Morning, I am totally fine with that if we talk about getting up at maybe 5:30 instead of 6am, even though this might sound tough for many. But there are people who have to get up at 5am or earlier just to head to work immediately. For them another 30minuntes or more are almost unbearble. Because, Hal, humans are creatures of daylight and as you stated we all need different amounts of sleeping hours. Maybe you are finde with 4-6hours, but I think most are not… Especially in winter this here becomes super hard and also socially difficult as you have to go to bed earlier too for this and like this will have trouble to see your family and friends.

So the morning is essential for the success of this program, but also it is its biggest weakness.

What I recommend is to do the Miracle Morning on weekends or on holidays, if your alarm already goes on weekdays with a 4 or 5 as first number. Because I think especially for people with such jobs it is important to question their lifestyle.
This is my personal statement, but, gibe me a second, give yourself some more seconds: Really, do you like to get up this early for something you have to do and not for what you want to do? If you don’t question this and be really honest to yourself you are quickly caught in the rat race and mornings become days, become weeks, months and a year has passed. If you honestly love what you do so early in the morning I haven’t said anything. 😉

Unfortunately many people only think again about their situation when they come to a different sort of break: when the are sick or ill. Than they have time to reflect and often they come to the conclusion: I don’t want it like it is and I want to change it.

But without a daily habit to work on this intention they probably won’t change. Also being ill is not the sort of inspirational silence meant to be. It hurts me to see that for most people it has to hurt, before they think twice. And more than often is has to hurt A LOT. I feel you. I habe been there too. It is a place I don’t want to see ever again.

WOOP and the Miracle Morning are techniques to reflect and grow before such a breakdown and to grow without being put down first.

I create the person I want to be and the life I want to live by my daily habits and choices.

This is my personal affirmation I work with for some time now and which really put all together for me. I feel and act different. Therefore I wanted to share it with you.

So really don’t think about WOOP or the Miracle Morning as something additional in your life, something you “have to do extra” but something which will significantly help you to live more of the life you want and less of the life you don’t want. Like this we are quickly in the realm of minimalism which really is a topic of my heart by now.

I don’t want more, I want better.

I whish you all the best and of course a miraculous good morning! Every morning. 🙂


If you are interested in the Miracle Morning here are the links to amazon:
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