11. July 2017

Hair in July: Big comparison of length and volume

Longer, thicker better! I just love my pregnancy hair!
My mane is at its best and I enjoy it every day.

Just as teasered last time I am here this month with a big comparison of my growth concerning length and thickness on different backgrounds and in braids, buns and with hair down.

Monthly measurements first

I had a bit over 1cm of grwoth, depending on what really was cut by Nessa last month. I had +80cm then and am now at 81,5cm. The 8 is safe and I really see no reason to sacrifice it. Yay!

My ponytailcircumference is measured at constant 6,5cm but it feels thicker. As my hair can vary a lot from day to day when it comes to silkyness or plush, it can be that I measured on a rather slippery day this time or had mor fluffy days the months before.

Pregnancy hair

Still I shed almost no hairs which is like this since the middle of the second trimester (so for about 4-5 months) and my hair does not get oily as quickly as before pregnancy. But oilyness is coming quicker again compared to last month so that I am again at a 2 days washing cycle and day 3 is really nothing you want to see on me. 😉 I don’t want to see it either.

The big comparison

I am very pleased with the structure and the silkyness (even though you really can’t tell from my crappy indoor photos…) and of course I am happy to see that I regained some length after the big cut in January. Best of all is the additional volume of course as this is the hardest part to grow and care for.

So well… progress needs time. The photo on the left still is a pain in my eyes. For the length I had then, you can’t expect my hair to grow back fully in three years., not with 1,2cm growthrate per month. Nevertheless I gained significant thickness till 2016. If the big cut really did what I expected it to do (a fresh start with healthier ends, thicker looking hair) is hard to tell from these photos. Because if I image my hair growing down to my old length now, I am not hsure if it would not look just the same as 11/2016.

The next photos will tell.

The last gain is almost invisible on the ponytail base. The ponytail itself is a bit more fluffy and the back of my head seams to have more volume. So has my belly. 😉 33 weeks pregnant, just in case you wondered.

A bit bushy. And I have to repeat myself: the lighting situation in my home is a major propblem for indoor hairphotos… I need a studio. So Merle, no own kid’s room for you, I am sorry. 😉

Success: Same sized bun but with less hairlength.

What strikes my eye most is, that the shape of my head changed with the extra volume. Rounder, more harmonious. And of course I am happy to see that the bun seemed to have grown even though my hair is shorter than it was 2016. This shows very well that the size of hairaccessoires depends a lot more on your ponytailcircumference than on your length. Especially for thinner hair I can give one important advice when it comes to jewelry: buy only fitting sizes. Growing into a too large size often takes over 20cm, maybe even more or it might also never happen because of more taper.

Even though I had remarkably more volume at my ponytailbase in 2016 (see above) you don’t see anything of that here. Logic: Around 2 years between photo one and two makes 24 months with around 24 to 30cm of hairgrowth for me. And this is… well just to my neck, but not yet in the braid. Over half a year later there is finally showing some shy extra volume also in the braid.

2014 my hair was wavier and this thickens up the braid and lets it look the same size as the other two. But loosely braided you still don’t see regrowth in the braid of 2017. Hairloss regrowth and long hair takes a hell ot of patience… But I am happy about my braid being finally “heavy” enough again to fall straight and have no twist in itself anymore. Anyways it is still so light, that I don’t feel its weight on my back.

This progress is a full success for me. With the 2016 mane I would not have shown up with hair down on a white top. With my hair now I do. It is questionable how much more length I can grow if I want to maintain that but I guess some more centimeters should be possible. The thin part is intentionally like this. I could have cut shorter in January but I decided to go for the longest length possible and therefore I preserved theses ends, which are okay for me with hair down even on white and which form only the tassle of my braid. Tasslelength thin ends are what works for me as the perfect compromise between length and thickness.

2016 I was just okay with the look but only when draped. Now I like my hair way more. And yes, I can grow some additional  centimeters. Beause…

Because this here really makes me smile! Oh yes, since January my hair really improved and talking about longer, thicker and better is no exaggeration.


Oh dear, the thing with patience…! Regrowth takes ages even with this pregnancy boost. 32 months after the end of shedding and I am still far, far away from what I had before. But well. So it is. The really good news are, that I finally approach the part of the journey in which regrowth starts showing visibly not only measurably. And this is always a happy journey.

So I keep growing my hair and happily enjoy them down whenever I want. Of course I handle them with care and use good haircare in general to prevent my hair from breaking and split ends which would lead to more often trimms and therefore slower growth in the long run. I ambitiously aim for 90cm, which I consider to be possible for me again. With a little microtrimm buffer I can get tehre in around 8 months. By this time Merle will already be half a year old and we will see if my postpartal hairloss prevention which I am fully into right now, did what it was supposed to. I want to share my research about that with you soon, even before we will see in 2018, if it worked.

For today I am more than satisfied. Still am bit impatient, as usual,  but really my hair deserves to be padded on the shoulder. Metaphorically. 😉









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