13. June 2017

Welcome to Merle’s nursery!

I proudly present the almost finished baby’s room

Finally! Merle’s room is finished enough that I can fool myself to say it is finished – even though some things are still missing. I just guess that we will get some decoration and toys the next time, so I did not buy any further and wait for what will come. you know I am a pro at waiting. Not!

Nevertheless this is a little tipp I give to you: don’t finish the nursery completely but finish it far enough so you can show it to friends and familiy and they now what matches and what is missing. In a way most people want to make a present to the newborn and like this it can be something which both makes sense and is matching what you as parents like. In my eyes this is something good. Especially when you are like me and you are in a real dilemma getting presents you don’t really like but you know that the giver had best intentions… I can hardly leave things in my home, which I don’t like… but sometimes I do out of kindnes. Sometime. Honestly… rarely.

What I am really happy about and a bit proud of is the way we manged to fit in a whole baby’s room in our 90qm flat as actually we both have jobs which need an own office… But we gave up on that and integrated workspace in the livingroom to make a whole room for our baby girl. Let me tell you: this was the hardest part! Not choosing furniture for the nursery and arranging them, no, it was the task to find storage for all our technical equipment and especially Benedict’s tons of material he needs for school, as he is a teacher.

colour palette

If you have this, the most important guideline is set. Cjoose two or a maximum of three colours and white can be taken out of this calculation. 🙂 We went for white, grey, yellow/gold and pastelpink/coral. Originally we did not want pink but we added it in later as it is a good match and like this we can implement pink stuff easier. And we are shure there will be pink, as we expect a girl. With two to three colours the room remains calm and harmonious.

Chilldren love bright colours, this is scientifically proven. But well… Benedict and I don’t. My solution to this is, that colourful toys are all fine and make perfectly sense, but when they are not in use I want to store them in drawers or boxes out of sight to maintain a calm room atmosphere. In my opinion this makes sense as toys are meant to encourage the baby but a whole room is meant to live in it relaxed. This counts for some adult stuff too, like cleaning equipment or the tool box, which are way more practical in their ugly shape and colour, but I don’t want to see them all the time.


If you go for trending colours you have one big advantage: things are usually cheaper and easier to get your hands on.  White is an evergreen (haha) whereas natural wood can be quite limiting as the sort of wood has to match, otherwise the calm atmosphere is quickly gone. Grey is neutral as well as babypink and babyblue in this special nursery context. Yellow turned out to be easy too. More difficult are greens and browns as they vary a lot and the colours easily mismatch when colour warmth for example is too different.
Another advantage of white: most things can easily be painted white to make them match. This is what we did with the bed.

As we want to buy a lot of second hand also in the future we have chosen colours which makes this easy for us.


The nursery is a multifunctional room being at the same time guest room with the daybed and also extra room to escape there, if Merle should be awake a lot at night. Like this at least one of us can get some sleep. All three of us awake does not help anyone. Also my Mom can sleep in this room when she comes to help us in the first days after Merle’s birth.

At daytime I can have a little calm space in this room to breast feed Merle and later, the daybed will become Merle’s first big bed. We have also chosen it because it matches the Hemnes dresser we already had and which could easily be transformed into a diaper changing unit with just the matching extra on top which you can easily find online.

anything else?

I really don’t like the look of waste bins, therefore I bought the laundry basekt to hide the diaper bin inside. The stroller needer a parking lot as we have no possibility to park it in the entry hall, as most people do. One desk chair was left over so we put it next to the baby’s bed where I guess it makes sense. The old paperstorage from our office remained at the wall and I want to store books in it soon. Also the wall decoration from our office stayed as the colours match even though the quotes don’t have a lot to do with a baby or kid. 😉 Decoration will be finished in the very end.

Inside the cupboards is in fact still a lot of office equipment as we have no other place in the flat to store it but I don’t think that paper is problemtaic. What mattered most to us was to get all the electronic devices out of Merle’s room.

what the room still needs

As mentioned above: deoration matching a newborn, baby or toddler which still fit into the concept.

More lights. The regular recommendation is to aim for 8 lights in a room to be able to always create the perfect light situation. I don’t have 8 lights in any of pur rooms! But I guess this recommendation was made for larger rooms first hand… And also: lamps are expensieve. Nevertheless a few more lightsources would be great. We now have 3 lights in the room and would like to have 4-5 with a nightlight and a dimmable light next the diaper changing dresser.

The babybay makes the room a bit crammed at the moment, but it will move of course in our bedroom as soon as Merle arrives. For now it is just parked here and waiting. It is also a bassinet as it has small weels so we can have Merle with us in every room at daytime.

So now we are just waiting for our baby girl to arrive. 10 weeks. Maybe less, maybe more. I hope so much that she will feel comfortable and at home with us in this new world with so much she does not now from our world in my tummy. This is also why I want to create a calm baby’s room. And this is also why I in general aim for a calm home. This is a tough fight especially as Benedict’s job produces tons of material and I often have the impression that every surface I tidyed free is occupied within seconds with his school material…
“Benedict it teacher and you don#t have an office at home?”
Exactly. Ouf.

And considering this big “Ouf” I think we really created a light and tidy nursery. 🙂







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