8. June 2017

Senza Limiti Angelique with Rosequartz

Mey Allgäu-souvenir and at first place jewelry with a meaning for me. Because I not only had an eye on the Senza Limiti KPO forks with these little leaves, I also had my plans about rosequartz.

We remeber how my pregnancy started with euphoria – just to be slowed down almost totally by the lowest energy I experienced for ages and endless weeks of nauseousness. What did I do in that situation? I watched youtube (and Vox-no with “Zwischen Tüll und Tränen”, a docutainment about brides finding their wedding dress, similar to the Amercian “My perfect wedding dress”) to let the time pass between start of nauseousness and finally bedtime. I watched a lot from Holistic Habits and Sarah has such beautiful gemstones! Maybe out of sympathy I started carrying around my rosequartz palmstone, because me too I own some gemstones, I even colleckted them, when I was a kid… And then I bought two further rosequartz palmstones. For a few weeks I carried them with me in my jeans’ pockets and played with them in my hands.
Meanwhile they are back on my nightstand just being decorative.


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