2. June 2017

Hair in June: cut, Allgäu meetup and Healthy Happy Hair

For seven years there was nobody but myself who cut my hair. But last weekend I grabbed the opportunity and let the hairdresser I trust in most do a trimm.

Where to start? The title already tells you a lot, especially that everything is great. I was down south in the Allgäu again meeting my beloved Rapunzel friends.  Haartraum-Nessa was our host as usual – and she was my hairdresser too. I was so happy and relieved that I could go to this little trip! In fact the babybump did not cause any troubles. Something which was really a bit insecure only two months back, so I am really grateful for my well performing body.

So show us the photos and give as the results!

In fact my hair grew more than expected last month: a bit more than 1,5cm so that I reached 81cm before the trimm. The hemline was still pretty fine even after 4 months without a cut and so I only asked for a microtrimm to cut off the very first fastest growing hairs to maintain the state. Nessa really did a microtrimm so that I ended up with even a bit more than 80cm after the cut. But let’s pretend it was 80cm, just because the number is nice and even.

She really did a great job! Thank you so so much, dear!

Also my ponytailcircumference is something to be really happy about: another 1mm more of thickness which leads to 6,5cm total. These are fat 1,5cm more than at my worst shedding episodes. I have a volume now I really feel comfortable with and it significantly matters for my braid and bun sizes.In July I will have more free time due to maternity protection and I really look forward to create a big length and volume comparison again.

Of course we took group pictures which match thsis article very well, I think. There have also been pretty hairstyles and new hair jewelry. But I want to show you the jewelry in an extra article because we visited Senza Limiti again and this deserves an own post.

But I want to show you two of the hairstyles we created. We made them for our Instagram braiding twin for June: #thehalfuptwin. I did Nessa’s hair and she did mine.

Have a look at Nessa’s blog, she wanted to post something about our meetup too today and I guess there might be even more hairstyles on her site.

plans and preview

Obviously I am happy about what I see and this may continue like this, please. 🙂 I don’t plan to cut more. After all I researched, also my chances are significntly higher than I always feared that I can go through the time after pregnancy without postpartal shedding. This really relaxes me. And even if: until the time when this might or might not show up is still about half a year to pass. This means I can be at 86-88cm of length until then. This is very close to my old length in January before I cut. I’ll take that with a smile.

So happy growing!
Both belly and hair in my case. 🙂


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