24. June 2017

Babyshower, maternity leave and… just about 10 weeks left!

I really love garden parties! No need to party hard, just feasting, chatting, laughing and taking photos: In my world this is perfect!
Also perfect is the fact that I left for maternity protection this week and am now off from work for around 14 months. What a great chance to develope, to grow and enjoy this very new and challenging time of life!

We had really nice weather, our garden was pretty and in bloom and my girls came over to eat and chat – last Saturday we celebrated Merle’s babyparty in an all relaxing way. Of course we tidyed and cleaned before hand and prepared some food, also we decorated the garden with our wedding decoration paper balls but besides that no fancy extras like garlands or bottle shaped cupcakes or rompershaped cake. No games, just being. Perfect, I already said so.

American babyshower and German Babypinkeln

Many moms-to-be get surprised by their girls with a babyparty, maybe also because the preparation can be stressfull, especially when you are in the third trimester, but I invited my friends myself and did the organisation. Because in my eyes babyshowers are something both funny and making sense and they are not very common yet in Germany, as they are an American tradition. Here in Germany we normally celebrate the baby after it is born. For the new fathers this is called “Babypinkeln”. The father meets his pals normally at their favourite bar and they have some drinks together to celebrate. As the men focus on the liquids here, you can understand the literal translation of Babypinkeln: baby peeing. 😉 Funny word I think.
For the new mother there is nothing like babypinkeln. Normally family and friends come to visit her at home with the newborn, which can be quite stressfull, when you are still recovering from birth and adjusting to a new sleeping schedule. This is why I like the American babyshower. It takes place when the baby is still inside (but normally at a time in pregnancy when it is quite safe that it will survive so 28 weeks onwards). Also it is nice to celebrate before birth because most people like to make gifts for the newborn, but when you gift after birth all the necessary stuff has already been covered by the new parents, because, well, you just can’t wait to buy the clothes and diapers until the baby is born, you need them to be prepared. Like this you end up with many gifts which may be really nice but you don’t need them, as you already bought them too. With the babyshower you can see, what is missing after theses presents and buy them to avoid tons of rompers in the same mini size which will be outgrown within weeks.

Thank you!

That said: My girls were amazing! We received pretty and useful things, which really made me smile as they are so pretty. Thank you ladies! Hugs and kisses! And of course you can come over to come to know Merle, when she is born. But one visit at a time. 🙂 No celebration here when I am still in confinement.

What do you want to read here?

Especially on Instagram I get frequently asked about some pregnancy related topics to write an own article about. But to face reality: I won’t be pregnant for a lot longer! That is why I want to ask you: Which topics are the most interesting for you, so I can publish them first? Just leave me a comment! Here are some suggestions about articles which were either already on my schedule or suggested by you:

  • When is the right time for a baby?– Or: Why now?!
  • Pregnancy workouts
  • What to put in your hospital bag for labor?
  • The Papa post (Benedict’s point of view, already in the making)
  • Post partum hairloss/hairloss after giving birth (This is set. I will publish this, even if I might be late. It is too importnt to me.)
  • What to do to prevent stretch marks?
  • Morningroutine, pregnancy edition
  • Let’s talk about money: How expensieve is it to get a baby? – Lower salary, layette, maternity clothing and all the stuff you never thouhgt of

These are eight articles for only nine weeks remaining as my duedate is on August 27th. That’s no secret, everybody who can calculate could have already guessed it from my Instagram. And yes, it is my birthday too! We will see. 🙂

As I am not only posting baby stuff here, we are really a bit running out of time. My personal favourites are the first one and the one about hairloss. But fitness would also be cool. Ah, I like them all, that’s why I already have them on my mind. 🙂


Where do you get this and that?

The paperballs can be bought at IKEA or sometime at dm. As usual you always find them on amazon:
For exmaple this set of white balls.
Or this set of 11 balls in white, gold and pink. Would be a perfect match to Merle’s nursery colour palette…

For the ballons you need to find a local shop.

The polaraids are no real polaroids, as polaroid is the brand. They are instant photos taken with the Instax Mini, an instant photo camera Cordula and I bought for Louises birthday. She was super excited!
Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 camera smoky white

The hairjewelry is clear: Senza Limiti, Niiickike and I are such addicts! 🙂

What is also often asked: The maternity dress is from H&M, The baby pink jeans underneath are too, but I can’t find them in the shop any longer. I bought them earlier this year.

I think that’s it. If not, feel free to ask!


Links to amazon are affiliate links, the others are not. What does this mean? It means, that I get a little commission, if you buy via these amazon links. The other links are just for you to complete the list. Take this here as a disclaimer. 🙂










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