24. June 2017

Babyshower, maternity leave and… just about 10 weeks left!

I really love garden parties! No need to party hard, just feasting, chatting, laughing and taking photos: In my world this is perfect!
Also perfect is the fact that I left for maternity protection this week and am now off from work for around 14 months. What a great chance to develope, to grow and enjoy this very new and challenging time of life!

We had really nice weather, our garden was pretty and in bloom and my girls came over to eat and chat – last Saturday we celebrated Merle’s babyparty in an all relaxing way. Of course we tidyed and cleaned before hand and prepared some food, also we decorated the garden with our wedding decoration paper balls but besides that no fancy extras like garlands or bottle shaped cupcakes or rompershaped cake. No games, just being. Perfect, I already said so.


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