1. April 2017

pregnancy and nauseousness – my big and little helpers

Promised, this article provides more information than only: “Gingertea!” and “Eat more smaller meals!”

These are great advices, but by far not the only. I did my best so make a list of personal helpers and researched advice from midwifes, gynekologists and other pregnant women.

eat more smaller meals

Helps to keep prevent the blood sugar level from dropping. As most pregnant women crave rather sweet foods this is tricky… Nevertheless definitely worth a try and helped in the very early stages of nauseousness.


Fresh brewed it helps against light nauseousness, some even can beat medium nauseousness with it.

Eat what your body craves

In fact these cravings are the best indicator for the chance of being able to hold the food. “Craving” is not like you usually crave chocolate or junkfood. It is just the urge to have a certain food which is the only bareable food at this moment. Listen to your body. Maybe you will need a while  to find out what this certain food is.

eat a cookie or crispbread right at first in the morning, still in bed

Very common advice so I add it here too. For me it was really the other way round, but still breads and cookies are the worst for me to eat,


This is my first drink in the morning together with my supplements so I have them inside first. Like this I get liqid, vitamin C, other nutrients and sugar. Sugar is wanted at this point just for the energy.

drink a lot

This is nothing directly fighting the nauseousness but it is very important especially when you finally throw up and need to protect your body from dehydration.


Pure. I prefer to cook a whole pot and let them cool. I like them when they are a day old and have a consistency like wax. My nauseousness is a lot about strange consistencies.


Boiled until it is very soft, alost mushy. Add only few salt if at all. And drink a lot! Rice soaks up your stomachs liquids, which makes throwing up less acidic but also clumpier.

white bread

Only little taste, easy to digest many pregnant women can eat it when nothing else works anymore. For me it was the opposite: I just can’t bare even the smell of it.


Temperature here seems to be crucial when you drink it. Most pregnant women prefer it icy cold or very hot but definitely not room temperature. Whether you drink it with cow milk or plant milk is fully up to the individual. I like my cocoa almost freezing cold with oatmilk, baking coca, a little vanilla and maplesirup. But also the darkest dark chocolate does its job for me and is able to mute down nauseousness one grade (severe to medium, medium to light, light to gone – but not medium or severe to gone).

malt beer

There were some days when it helped me to calm down light and medium nauseousness. It had to be cold.

spicy/hot food

Salt was and is something I dislike a lot. But I love chili and pepper. Most adviced turn in the other direction like avoiding spices, as the can lead to reflux. For me it tamed my stomach. I even ordered hotter chili and still love it on almost any savory food.

bitter food

Sounds contradictory at first as a bitter taste is something which we usually don’t like. Nevertheless I had a phase when I craved bitter teas and foods with bitter substances like artichokes. As the bitter taste is very prominent you will know in a second if this is worth a try for you or not.

laldy’s mantel tea, peppermint tea and other “midwife teas”

Lady’s mantel tea is not my first choice (I prefer the bitter tea from Jentschura, the 7×7 herbal tea) but my midwife recommended it. And in fact I like to drink it as it tastes good and mild. I had no effect to my nauseousness but many women seam to have.

what did you like to eat as a child?

Just my observation: when I entered the stage to reintroduce foods I startetd eating like I did as a toddler. Milk rice with canned peaches for example. And the absolute disgust concerning vegetables. And so on.

Follow your cravings!

Similar to “Eat what your body cravs”, but here I mean real cravings like you already know them from not being pregnant. Chances are you need something contained in this very food. And after a long time of nauseousness energy has priority number one. So eat. But don’t buy too much of this very food. Cravings switch very quickly. I craved salt at first, followed by absolute disgust for example.

plan your meals

Pregnancy nauseaousness does not necessarily have to be in the mornings, but it usually has a schedule.

brush your teeth before the strong nauseousness arrives

Don’t brush your teeth directly aftere throwing up as the acid and the mechanical brushing is bad for your teeth. Toothhygiene is super crucial when pregnant as your gums and teeth are more sensitive now. Better brush more oftern but gentle and use floss (you shoukd always do). Throwing up combined with usually a desire for sweeter foods andsensitive gums are a combination which need to be treated extr thoroughly.

4h before the strong nauseousness starts you should eat the last fatty/proteinrich meal

(if it is at all possible. These meals need the longest time to pass the stomach. The closer you are to your nauseousness, the ligtgher your food should be. Simple carbs and liquids are best then. Better drink nothing with soda as it can lead to throwing up easier.

If you have a small time intervall in which you can eat, eat!

This is top priority then.

Supplement (after consulting your gyn/doctor!), what you cannot eat/what you are lacking.

there are some typical nutrients which are worth a check: iron, magnesium, B-vitamins, folic acid and vitamin D. Talk with your doctor(s) and maybe consider paying the laboratories for your bloodlevels if these won’t be covered by your insurance. These investements are rather pricy compared with other medical care you might have to pay on your own when pregnant…

if nothing else works: throw up!

Well I guess you already read this between the lines. It is better the end the horror instead of having a horror with no end. And at least you are safe to vomit in your toilet. Instead of… the entry. Or… neighbours doorway. Drink afterwards or at least wash your mouth to thin the acid and to replace the lost water in your body.

sucking instead of chewing

You can suck on a wet cotton ball if even drinking is hard for you (but if this is the case, better see your doctor, dehydration is no fun). But also sucking on a piece of chocolate or a soft white bread can help, if you do it especially not for real eating but for calming the nauseousness the prevent throwing up (again).

Some word about the intensity of nauseousness

It is similar to pain: a very sunjective thing.
mild nauseousness. Annoying but you can deal with it by somehow ignoring it. You can even work and have fun with it but this costs already a lot of energy. Eating is possible with this.
medium nauseousness similar to seasickness for me. I have to concentrate now a lot to eat at all und working or fun is not in reach. A moment of digust or a certain smell can lead to immediate puking.
severe nauseousness this is something you can’t breath away and concentrate away. Probably you are lieing in bed or on the couch now only wishing this to end. Eating is impossible most of the time, drinking can be done. In my case I really was greenish in the face and made a concentration duckface not to throw up. I felt like I could not bare this situation “any more”.
very severe nauseousness I am happy, that I did not experience this. With this intensity you can’t even drink and anything else but lieing flat on the back can already be too much. This is something which needs to be supervised as dehydration is nothing funny.

other advice

Distract yourself with something which counts down time for you. Whatch TV-series, listen to audio books. Internet reading, pinteresting, instagraming or a simple computer game were the most active things I was able to do. Most of the time I watched trash TV.

And most importantly: It will be over! Hold on!

It really, really can take its time, but pregnancy nauseousness is bound to pregnancy so it will end. And most times it ends before the baby arrives. Moarn if you feel bad, be cynical, enjoy also the littel moments of relief. Except what you can’t change and change what you can. Time will pass and it will pass unimpressed of if you are hopeful or hopeless. But hopelfull feels better for you. 🙂




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