28. April 2017

LPC – Liquid Protein Creme Hairtreatment

A recipe, a recipe! And one made of only three ingredients!

Okay, almost. 😉 Because I use products which contain ingredients themselves. But let’s start at the beginning: I have a DIY recipe for you as my experiments with protein hairtreatments showed first really pretty results. And this first result I want to show you today. It is called:

Liquid Protein Creme – in brief: LPC

This is analogous to the LOC hairtreatment, the Liquid Oil Creme which I appreciate a lot too, but which I have not introduced to you here yet. I will do so when I will use this treatement again next time and have pretty pictures to show the result. So as the name already tells you both treatments are very similar, only that one is working with oils and one with protein. Hair is different in its needs and so it is difficult to predict what your personal hair might want more so it makes sense to try them both and see what works best for your individual mane.

My hair prefers protein which was the haircare insight of the last months as until then I thought that they want oil. So this is why I switched my usual LOC to LPC and since I did so my haircare routine is back to a little flow: my hair comes out silky and soft and all smooth and straight. Even though I have by far not the thickest hair, my hair gained something like weight and this is a sensation I love!


Liquid: aloe vera gel (I use the one from dm, from alverde as it is easy to get, pricy and does a good job)
Protein: silk protein (Spinnrad)
Creme: Desert Essence Coconut Hairlotion

Use the same amounts of aloe and hairlotion and less protein. For the pre-wah treatment in the little bowl I used 10 drops of protein, for the leave-in in my hand I use 3-4 drops. Mix well and kneed gently into your mane. Depending on your hair’s needs you can also work with less protein. Too much can result in slightly stiff hair. If you experience that, go for a more moisturizing and oily hairtreatment the next wash which balances it out again, at least it does for me. I apply the mixture generously on my lengths, but for my crown I only wipe my hand gently over the surface, I don’t treat my scalp. The amount you see in the little bowl is sufficiant for my lower lengths plus top layer of my crownhair. If I want to have a thick deep treatment I go for the double our tripple amount. Keep in mind that your hair is probably thicker than mine and that you will need an even higher amount of LPC for the same treatment, even if your hair is shorter than mine.

I let the treatment sit in my hair ususally for about 1,5 to 2 hours while I do my (weekend) morning routine, so while I have breakfast, do my (pregnancy) workouts, write in my bullet journal, things like this. Then I have a shower and wash my hair simply with shampoo for the crown and conditioner (usual amount) for the lengths. At the moment I use Desert Essence coconut champoo and alterra pomgranate conditioner.


This amazing feeling of having hair with weigt (this is something you don’t have with thin hair usually, as thin hair is not falling on your back normally, it is more floating around.), smooth, silky and at the same time still with grip and not “glued” together to strands. Like this the result shows everything I want. 🙂  Nessa’s aloe yoghurt honey treatment is even a bit better (my hair is even heavier, more saturated afterwards) , but it is also not as comfortable to apply and especially not made to be also a leave-in. So both treatements are my current favourites.

Ooooh yes, we escalated a bit. We had a 30-minute timeframe with sunshine and finally on a day directly after my hairwash, without bun waves and so on. We already made three photo series before but they were all useless as it was always to windy and the sky presented this white to grey light form all clouds and this is one of the worst lighting situations ever for hairphotos, only topped by neon tubes.

Anyways you can really see how silky and untangly my hair behaves. I only brushed through once between the photos. No visible strands work wonders on the look of thin hair as normally you immediately have a seethrough backside. My hair is shiny even though you can still tell that I have hairends on EVERY length due to my many, many hairloss episodes so I don’t have this sleek mirror of hair which is best for shooting glossy hairphotos. So yes, this is a thumbs-up for thin hair manes too.

And now I say have fun trying on your own! Let me know how it works for you. Also when you work with another source of protein as this is something I want to experiment with too but somehow I am a bit anxious about using wheat protein as wheat is already no friend of mine when it comes to food.

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