19. April 2017

Heiki reads: Fettlogik überwinden by Dr. Nadja Hermann

Sorry guys, this book is only available in German, but I give you a short, short summary what it is about and what it has taught me.

Basically it is a book about diet and especially weightloss, but also for me it was a real eyeopener as it stresses on dietary myths which have nothing to do with scientifically proven studies but with women’s magazins’ pseudo wisdom. Broken down to the very essentials Nadja makes clear that there is only one golden rule for dieting, no matter if you want to loose weight, gain weight or maintain it: if you eat more calories, than you burn, you gain weight, if you eat less, you shed weight. Calculation. So simple and also so difficult. She talks about these legends about diet most of us have in our heads and which all can’t be hold up when you really look for the studies, for example: There is nothing like a slow metabolism. Or there is no hunger mode after a strict diet. Of course you undergo certain psychological phenomenons, when you eat one way or the other, but it always, always and always comes back to that calorie intake. 100% of the people on earth can loose weight.
For me as a slim to skinny person who struggles with weight gain it was an eyeopener, to read that most of my trials were determined to fail just because I never tracked what I ate, I only estimated it. Estimation is not recommended for most people as skinny people tend to overestimate what they ate (I definitiely did so some years ago, by now I estimate fairly well) and overweight people underestimate their calorie intake. Same goes for the macronutrients fat, carbohydrates and protein.

Long story short: I track my food for about two weeks now and of course my progress is not representative as I am pregnant, but the insights alone about protein were great. And I gain weight! Finally! Almost exactly as calculated and wanted. This is amazing for me and I have big hopes for this new way of learning about my diet especially as I see that even though I eat close to paleo for long which is a high protein diet I did not eat enough protein for my goals (weight gain and muscle growth). So protein adjustment was the first I changed and felt way, way better

The book’s story is also a lot about comparison: Most people who know me would say that I really eat A LOT and that I am one of those “naturally skinny” people. No, not naturally. My sensitive colon is a factor but now after three years without inflammation I am almost comparable again to healthy people and I have been skiny also before my first inflammation. More important is, that I, as most skinny people, eat a lot when in company but balance that out when I am alone again. This looks like I am eating tons but on the long run I don’t. Also I am an active person and before the pregnancy I did high intensity workouts 3-5 times a week and also my every day life is rather active with a dog and many walking ways.

And NEVER underestimate how important height is. I am a tall woman and have to eat way more to maintain my bodyweight compared to my smaller friends. This all adds up and looks as if I already eat a lot.
By now I really do and finally I see the gains I longed for. But also prepregnancy it looked as if I eat a lot but it just was fairly enough and sometimes too less. For the protein it was significantly too less for muscle growth.

By now I have fun tracking my food but I don’t plan to do it forever. It is a way of learning serving sizes, macro- und micronutrients and I feel happy to have this tool to teach me. I will talk in detail about my tracking app (myfitnesspal) soon. Until then I recommend for my non-German readers to google a bit about “if it fits your macros” which is a great start for this topic. And don’t pnic about calorie tracking. It is way more compfortable than it might seem. And it is no must, it is just a way, a tool to use. Just like it helps to check your bank account if you want to keep track on your income and spendings. You don’t have to feel under pressure with that but see it as help.

See you soon!


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