5. April 2017

hair in April – protein

When haircare finally shows results, then growing hair makes way more fun again

In March I already told you that I work way more on my haircare again and that it seems as if it is all about protein haircare for me. Silkprotein, honey and yoghurt are my current favourites even though I know when it comes to yoghurt the protein molecules are too large to really soak into the hair, but it is more like a film which makes my mane more slippery and shiny which shows the effect. But it works. That matters.

Anyways I am happy with my smooth hair which lies all nice, it forms no strands and frizz is really at bay. And no, this doesn’t depend on my pregnancy because when I mess with my haircare my hair turns back to its old state of frizzy slightly dry locks. Of course sunshine is always the biggest booster for gloss, but really, I like what I see here under a light but only white not blue sky.

protein is THE topic for me right now

also when it comes to my diet and I have this feeling that it might be also because of not eating enough protein that my hairstructure is so fragile… So hopefully I found something new to improve my hair’s health. You might not guess that I eat not enough protein as I am a confessing (though sighing…) meat-eater with strong paleo tenedencies, but I am also a tall women who had several issues which needed extra high protein intake: healing tissues first, building up a healthy body again, than working out on a high intesity level and now I build a baby. So my calorie and also protein intake is very hard to compare with, as most women don’t have these issues AND are smaller. When it comes to diet, never underestimeate the importance of you height. I am researching (again) about this topic and I am still at the beginning, but wow, just what I found out now is so good and helpful! When I feel safe baout my knowledge I will let you know here too.

Fine. Just for today I am really happy with my hair. I shed significantly less (this should be pregnancy related) and therefore gained 2mm of ponytailcircumference even though my hair is really slippery and feels slightly thinner due to the good haircare now. My length grew 1cm to 78cm now and when I look at this photo here this is even waistlength for me! But well, my waist is climbing upwards as my belly grows. Another possibility to reach goal lengths earlier. 😉 But of course the  way down to hip is long then.


I work more on my protein haircare, research more about protein, macros and nutrients in diet, I bun my hair when I am alone and enjoy it down or braided when I have company. The next cut is scheduled for around May just to preserve the hemline as I really don’t wont to miss this feeling of always pretty hair down ever again.

But in general I would like to grow further downwards, as long (speaking of time here, as after pregnancy we will see what will happen) as I can. I guess also because I am more often on the Langhaarnetzwerk again. And really, yes it is wonderful to wear my hair down whenever I want it and knowing it looks good. But also, honestly, my beloved hair photos were so much prettier with longer hair.





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