9. April 2017

Babybump in a sea of flowers

And like this 20 of 40 weeks have passed. halftime. This post with its pictures is meant to celebrate this.

This here is a photo article and my biggest thanks go to my friend Cordula who went with me to the Rombergpark last week when the magnolia trees were in perfect bloom. Together we sat on benches, enjoyed the weather and took some photos in the pace I was able to. Lot’s of love darling! I am bringing strawberrycheesecake for us today!

Early in this pregnancy I was so excited and decided to really escalate with various photo series but as you might now already being pregnant turned out to basically one thing for me: exhausting. So only the morning mirror selfies remained and I am more than happy to have this beautiful evidence a very special time with our baby girl. The only thing I really miss: Benedict. He had to work that day and I hope so much that we will be able to take some special prgnancy photos together soon. And next year we will go to the park again when the magnolias blossom with our baby girl on our arms. Decided!

Small update anyways:


Finally I am able to eat again and that is what I do almost all day long to gain weight and just BECUSE! 😀 My belly is already quite big even though I have not gained more than 1kg and I look like a balloon especially in the evenings. Belly button still inside, no stretchmarks but some vains became visible.

baby is moving

She is a rather quiet little daughter so far and tends so stretch more than to box and kick. Since last week Benedict too can feel her, when he puts his hand on my bump. Wonderful moments!

energy, fitness and work

Well, an on-off-relationship for work and even though my energy level finally seems to stabilze I have to be slow and take good care of me with a lot of rest. I do tiny morning workouts to move all muscles and joints once a day at least and well, after my two weeks vacations I have now I will probably work from homeoffice. I am really happy about that. Finally a way to be productive again AND take proper care of me and baby girl.

We visited one hospital where we might go for labor and we were content so far. We did not want to postpone this visit any longer as I had a little episode when we really had to be careful with me. So IF anything happens we now know were to go and have also prepared a little hospital emergency bag.

baby stuff

I have a ton of second hand baby clothing now from a friend of mine and from my dear Luise. Besides that we still wait for the IKEA furniture we ordered in February…

final thoughts

If you are pregnant do what ever is needed to do right away when you can. You don’t know how long you will be able to do so and there are so many interfering circumstances that postpone many things for weeks or even months. So one step after the other and always forward. But most importantly: embrace the moments of joy and miracle given to you just when they arrive. Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. Especially when you have a pregnancy like me (or worse, mine is not that bad, just exhausting) which is not an amazing wonder full of sparkling happiness all day. Take what ever the situation offers you. It is all unique and all yours. And yes, it is a miracle. Also if you feel how much your body and maybe also soul have to work for it. Maybe then you feel it even more. Enjoy! Love! Be thankful. And love agin.








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