28. April 2017

LPC – Liquid Protein Creme Hairtreatment

A recipe, a recipe! And one made of only three ingredients!

Okay, almost. 😉 Because I use products which contain ingredients themselves. But let’s start at the beginning: I have a DIY recipe for you as my experiments with protein hairtreatments showed first really pretty results. And this first result I want to show you today. It is called:

Liquid Protein Creme – in brief: LPC


23. April 2017

Hello M****! – baby names and how to choose them

Okay the woman who failed already choosing a nice name for her dog now tells you how to choose a name for a human. Might be funny…

“This is Hurley.”
“No, Hurley.”
“Ahhh… Like Liz Hurley?”
“Actually just like the fat guy from Lost, but yes, like Liz Hurley.”
“She really is a cutie!”
“He. He is a male.”

This is the normal conversation happening, when I introduce my dog. And in German it is even more complicated as German language is not really made for pronouncing “Hurley” right. That’s the fail I was talking about right in the subline.


19. April 2017

Heiki reads: Fettlogik überwinden by Dr. Nadja Hermann

Sorry guys, this book is only available in German, but I give you a short, short summary what it is about and what it has taught me.

Basically it is a book about diet and especially weightloss, but also for me it was a real eyeopener as it stresses on dietary myths which have nothing to do with scientifically proven studies but with women’s magazins’ pseudo wisdom. Broken down to the very essentials Nadja makes clear that there is only one golden rule for dieting, no matter if you want to loose weight, gain weight or maintain it: if you eat more calories, than you burn, you gain weight, if you eat less, you shed weight. Calculation. So simple and also so difficult. She talks about these legends about diet most of us have in our heads and which all can’t be hold up when you really look for the studies, for example: There is nothing like a slow metabolism. Or there is no hunger mode after a strict diet. Of course you undergo certain psychological phenomenons, when you eat one way or the other, but it always, always and always comes back to that calorie intake. 100% of the people on earth can loose weight.
For me as a slim to skinny person who struggles with weight gain it was an eyeopener, to read that most of my trials were determined to fail just because I never tracked what I ate, I only estimated it. Estimation is not recommended for most people as skinny people tend to overestimate what they ate (I definitiely did so some years ago, by now I estimate fairly well) and overweight people underestimate their calorie intake. Same goes for the macronutrients fat, carbohydrates and protein.


9. April 2017

Babybump in a sea of flowers

And like this 20 of 40 weeks have passed. halftime. This post with its pictures is meant to celebrate this.

This here is a photo article and my biggest thanks go to my friend Cordula who went with me to the Rombergpark last week when the magnolia trees were in perfect bloom. Together we sat on benches, enjoyed the weather and took some photos in the pace I was able to. Lot’s of love darling! I am bringing strawberrycheesecake for us today!


5. April 2017

hair in April – protein

When haircare finally shows results, then growing hair makes way more fun again

In March I already told you that I work way more on my haircare again and that it seems as if it is all about protein haircare for me. Silkprotein, honey and yoghurt are my current favourites even though I know when it comes to yoghurt the protein molecules are too large to really soak into the hair, but it is more like a film which makes my mane more slippery and shiny which shows the effect. But it works. That matters.


1. April 2017

pregnancy and nauseousness – my big and little helpers

Promised, this article provides more information than only: “Gingertea!” and “Eat more smaller meals!”

These are great advices, but by far not the only. I did my best so make a list of personal helpers and researched advice from midwifes, gynekologists and other pregnant women.