25. March 2017

Hair in March – plus a haircare update

New hairlength and overall new life requires a haircare update as my hair changed significantly. So here is what you have asked for so often: a hair care update.

After the big cut in January almost everything of damaged, brittle and thinned ends are gone. My hair is still on the thinner side with around 6cm of ponytailcircumference, but it is healthy now. 🙂 As I have regrowth at all lengths from 8-10cm down to the tips and my hair structure is naturally wavy (2c which I usually brush out to 1c) I have a strong rendency to frizzy hair which looks all dry even when it is super soft and nice. But: here comes haircare. 🙂 In my case we talk about a lot of care. I am a lazy girl when it comes to haircare, but well my hair requires a lot of attention if I want to have it pretty (I do!) therefore I compensate lazyness with discipline. I look at this topic just like the necessity of brushing my teeth. This too is nothing I do with passion but as I know it is important (especially as teeth don’t regrow like hair does!) I do it with all the needed dedication.

status quo

Midback with 77cm length and 6cm ponytailcircumference, maybe even a bit more than 6cm as I don’t get the same ressults with every measurement. Daily hairloss at a for me normal level for years now but still too high to regain my old thickness.

My haircare goals

These follow logically after my little problems. Primarily I aim for well cleansed hair with the least daily shedding possible. I want a close, sleek and unfrizzy surface. I DON’T aim for extra volume as this leads to even more frizz for me and a dry and dull look. I just want hair which looks healthy and shiny. It has always been easy to style as it is naturally not super wiry nor slippery. Scalp seethroughs are a little tricky when you have thin hair like me, also hairstyles made of more than one braid but basically the solution to that is practice and always fresh washed fluffy hair.

What always works

aloe vera gel (I use this here from alverde)
khadi vitalizing hairoil
Monoi Tiare vanilla cococnutoil
Lush R&B haircreme
yoghurt treatments
Desert Essence Coconut shampoo
Desert Essence Island Mango conditioner
alterra pomgranate conditioner

At the moment I experiment a bit with protein containing treatments with yoghurt, silkprotein, honey and anything else matching I find. I highly recommend the DIY-recipes from my dear Haartraum-Nessa. Most recipes I do the same for years (or very similar) but she has a bit more knowledge and of course the pretty videos. 🙂 Funny fact is, that we both have the same holy grails even though our manes are totally different. So the ingredients and products we use seem to be really something to recommend to everybody. As Nessa does, I recommend starting  with simple DIY recipes for beginners with some basic ingredients like oils, yoghurt, aloe vera, honey and if you like some hydrolat or processed proteins like silk or wheat protein. After that we come to the details about specific (essential) oils, exact recipes, soaps, rinses, cremes and butters.

Simply said: the healthier your hair is, the easier it is to care about it. So the better you care for it right from the start, from the roots, the less complicated (the lazier 😉 ) your haircare routine gets.

For today I specially recommend Nessa’s  Conditioner-Honey-Aloe-Recipe . It really works wonders for me! Other recipes can of course be found in my handmade-categorie.


As I got rid of all the damaged hair now I hope that all my haircare will do its job now. Still my focus is on working on my overall health to make my body capable of growing healthy hair because I repeat myself: I don’t have naturally thin hair. I had 8cm ponytailcircumference some years ago and an even, shiny braid so I don’t aim for something impossible. But well, of course I also know, that some years are a long time to pass and not only my hair has changed a lot, me as a whole person has too. And overall I changed for good. 🙂

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  1. Hi !
    I’m french, so excuse my horrible english..
    Just few things I wanted say :
    Fist, thank you so much for the translation, so I can continue to read your loving blog !
    Like you, I had a big hairloss for months, and hopefully it ends last month,(with iron plants cure). I can now see new hair growing ! But I dont cut, I prefer to keep for a time the same hairlength and wear a bun to hide the devided hair line.
    Maybe one day I’ll try one of your food recipe, that seems to be very good to eat ^^ (Don’t had time for now).
    Thank you for your “positivness”, and I’m happy for you and your daugther.

    Wish you the best for all your projects.


    1. Bienvenue Blanche! Je peu parler un peu de francais, mais seulement un peu. Comprendre et lire et plus facile, similaire que pour toi l’anglais je crois.
      So I will switch back to English. 😉 Thank you for your nice comment! Hairloss is a pain. So I am happy to read, that you found a way to treat it. I went for your way of hiding and waiting with hair up in a bun years ago with my first bigger hairloss episode and it also worked well. It is just that at the moment or better said after so many years, I am tired of waiting and hiding. But this is my special case with reoccuring hairloss every few months to years. But hopefully for me too this time of my life is over and my hair will regrow now healthyly.
      Positivity is very important for me from that point on when I know, that I did everything required. Positivity only can lead to be stuck in a bad place just because you don’t do what is necessary to leave it as you hope that just believing the best will do. So a little aggression is helpfull to overcome obstacles and positivity is great to have a nice time in situations which might not be the best to imagine but which you cannot change and have to wait for them to pass. So be positive while you take your supplements and wait for yur hair to regrow, it is the best you can do right now. My own positivity is quite the same now after some negativity I needed to push myself to do all the research und changes which were necessary to overcome my personal hairloss obstacles. 🙂
      Best wishes, heike

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