2. March 2017

Babybump weeks 13, 14, 15 – pukeweeks

Anyways. we have to celebrate a bit! The first trimester is done!

Here I am with a little baby update. Big change first. my English translations will be way shorter from now on as I just don’t have the time and energy to keep up the long translations, especially as over 90% of my readers are German. I am sorry but do my best to keep you informed and still have a friendly tone. 🙂 Instagram is way more English, by the way.

how far

Week 15.

baby’s developement

Great. The ultrasound showed what we already felt: everything is all right.  A tiny mini human with everything it needs.


Visible, bellybutton inside, no stretchmarks.


Plus 400g in week 13. Throwing up cost me muscle and fat already.

skin and hair

Head’s hair normal, lashes falling out for a while, so did eyebrows but no severe visible damage. Skin with many breakouts around shoulders, back and jawline.

other physical changes

Muscle tighness.


Low energy, need a lot of sleep still. Because I was so exhausted I was and am off work for two weeks now.


I can only eat in the mornings as after noon I get nauseous and throw up in the evenings. No salt please, no bread and rolls, no animal products except for occasional fish.


None. I can just eat some things without getting nauseous. Basically carbs.


Good joke. Nothing. I walk my dog once or twice a day in grandma mode.


Good modd but with a tendency to get cynical. It is ambivalent: I look forward to our baby and am so very grateful that it is healthy but being pregnant is really not my thing.

new ins?

A lot. As we plan the nursery and have to abandon our office therefore we have to change the whole concept of our flat which leads to many shoppings which are not directly for the baby but necessary to keep life and work up here.

prescious moments

Seeing our baby right with the first hit of the ultrasound in perfect shape.

I can feel the little one poking already. This is unusual for first motherhood, but as I am skinny and have a hypersensitive belly also when not pregnant I don’t think, that this is so unlikely. Is is still only occasionally, but it it is the baby, no mistaking.

bad moment

Throwing up from one second to the other.
Looking at our bankaccounts.

most important new lessons

Distract yourself with the pretty things when pregnancy is not pretty. I love pinterest for nursery inspiration. Learn to ignore other people’s opinions. Not all of course, but many.

preview and resolutions

I pray for the nauseousness to finally leave me with week 16 please.Besides that we look forward to the next ultrasound when we will get to know the gender for shure (we already got a hint).

And the Papa?

Caring for me with massaging my neck and back and  keeping the household up. With a showing belly and a woman puking all evening pregnancy as now very present for him too. “No more excuses not to be an adult.” His word.

anything else?

Time became even more precious and I am minimalizing many aspects of my life again. For example the English translation here too and also the photo quality dropped unfortunately to smartphone level. I unfollowed many accounts, decluttered my phone and there a many other things which were tossed or are about to be tossed as soon as I find energy again.

I felt how much it hurt me to freeze Jakob’s story and that this hurts me more than an uncleaned home for over 10 days.

By these lines: This is it for today. We will read us again with the gender reveal. 🙂





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  1. I love reading about your pregnancy and hair. I came across your blog after seeing a thin/fine hair care video on YouTube. 🙂 Anyhow I’m currently 19 weeks pregnant for the first time as well and I definitely relate to pregnancy not being your thing. Good luck with everything!

    1. Thank you so much and sorry for the very late reply as I had troiubles with the English version of my blog. Let’s just enjoy our pregnancies. 🙂 At least the parts of it, which are joyful. 😉 As my reply is so late I can at least tell you, that the pukeweeks are over now and I am happyly eating whatever is coming my way. 😀 😉 😀
      I guess you saw the video of my freind Nessa from Haartraumfrisuren. She alsways makes such beautiful videos and I was happy to contribute. 🙂

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