25. March 2017

Hair in March – plus a haircare update

New hairlength and overall new life requires a haircare update as my hair changed significantly. So here is what you have asked for so often: a hair care update.

After the big cut in January almost everything of damaged, brittle and thinned ends are gone. My hair is still on the thinner side with around 6cm of ponytailcircumference, but it is healthy now. 🙂 As I have regrowth at all lengths from 8-10cm down to the tips and my hair structure is naturally wavy (2c which I usually brush out to 1c) I have a strong rendency to frizzy hair which looks all dry even when it is super soft and nice. But: here comes haircare. 🙂 In my case we talk about a lot of care. I am a lazy girl when it comes to haircare, but well my hair requires a lot of attention if I want to have it pretty (I do!) therefore I compensate lazyness with discipline. I look at this topic just like the necessity of brushing my teeth. This too is nothing I do with passion but as I know it is important (especially as teeth don’t regrow like hair does!) I do it with all the needed dedication.

status quo


19. March 2017

It is a… welcome to the gender reveal!

A boy! Or wait, no… a girl. A boy? Yes? No. Hmmm. Tricky.

Hello my friends! It is time to share with you our biggest recent news: we know know the gender of our baby. But it was a bit tricky to find out.


4. March 2017

Colour seasons part 2: The 12-Season-System (and the 16-Season-System!)

And here we are with more details than the 4-season-system could give to us! Are you ready to level up to the colour professionals? 😉

We started with the 4-Season-System “recently”, I meand, when my nauseousness was still at bay, but now I managed to finish this article here too.


2. March 2017

Babybump weeks 13, 14, 15 – pukeweeks

Anyways. we have to celebrate a bit! The first trimester is done!

Here I am with a little baby update. Big change first. my English translations will be way shorter from now on as I just don’t have the time and energy to keep up the long translations, especially as over 90% of my readers are German. I am sorry but do my best to keep you informed and still have a friendly tone. 🙂 Instagram is way more English, by the way.