12. February 2017

Hairlength in February – after!

One month after the cut I have some thoughts to share. Do I miss my old length? Yes and no.

First of all it was and is stunning how different the reactions of other people were. Here on the blog almost everybody wrote down her congratulations and told me – which made me so happy! – that my other topics are even more interesting than my hair articles. Yeah! Thank you!

Than I found out that even on the Langhaarnetzwerk started a discussion about being happy with your own hairlength and that most users there – luckily  – were still content about their little longhair addiction. Something which also makes me happy because this is how it should be: a hobby, something which makes you smile and maybe even helps you to take better care of yourself. Only few users were really insecure about their relation to their hair. In summary something logical could be concluded: the easier your hairstructure is, the happier are those how grow it. Naturally. Frustration is something which comes with failure and desillusioning which, well, is my world when it comes to long hair. Is or at least was.

Then finally the reactions in real life which were… not so nice. At first glance I got compliments, but they almost always came with a littel nastyness:
“Good you cut your hair, this looks so much better now than these poor thin threads you had before!”
?!? This is like saying: “Oh you look so good now that you lost some kilos. Finally your belly is no longer moving like jelly when you walk.” Or something like that. Who would say that? But when it comes to hair people usually feel free to comment rude een when they want to express something nice… Something I noticed already years ago when I started growing hair. It is like commenting on hair won’t hurt even if you are mean. No. It hurts, definitely.

Current length and thickness

I am at 77cm now which means I had a really speedy growth last month (yeah finally a pregnancy benefit!) and even my ponytailcircumference grew a bit to 6,3cm which is best for me since 2014. Hooray! 😀

Do you miss your old length?

Definitely yes. I always said that I am a longhairlover. And very long hair around tailbonelength and even a bit longer is my dream length. But…

Do you miss your old lengths?

Got the difference? The answer is no. My old length were terribly damaged from my two (only two!) attempts to add volume with heatstyling, they were brittle, dry, more split ends than healthy ends and just felt crisp and crunchy. They were thin and seethrough. So no, I don’t miss them at all.

What’s the plan?

I let my hair grow as long as it pleases me. As the grwothrate is quite nice and also is my hairloss statistic I will just let it be. As soon as I think it needs a cut, I will cut. But hopefully not too soon, just because I am still pregnancy-tired and really don’t feel like doing monthly trims. We will see how long it get’s. Hopefully long. And hopefully thicker! 😀 I love this little brush between my fingers, when I run my hand down my braid. A feeling of healthy hair I did not have for ages. So: Well done Heiki. Keep going and growing. 🙂




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