22. February 2017

Just to let you know

I guess most of you already know: I am pregnant, momentarily in week 14. Baby is all fine but unfortunately my own health and energy is low with nauseousness throwing up, headaches and exhaustion. No need to worry, I can bare with that but really saying “Oh no!” und “Get well soon!” is appropriate.


12. February 2017

Hairlength in February – after!

One month after the cut I have some thoughts to share. Do I miss my old length? Yes and no.

First of all it was and is stunning how different the reactions of other people were. Here on the blog almost everybody wrote down her congratulations and told me – which made me so happy! – that my other topics are even more interesting than my hair articles. Yeah! Thank you!


8. February 2017

Babybump week 9-10-11 (12)

Second update, titled: the big exhaustion

how far

I am in week 12 now, so I talk about week 9, 10 and 11 here – and a bit about week 12 too.


3. February 2017

Colourtyping part 1: introduction and the 4-season-system

Some topics are part of your whole life, others are more like a boomerang: When you think you let go of them, they return.

Colourtypes are in a way both of it for me. I already wrote about them before, but honestly, these articles were no good ones.  But now I am pretty shure that I worked through the theory and really understood it. This is why I explain the colour types/colour seasons to you again today and in the following weeks, first the 4-Season-System, than the 12-Season-System. There were some aspects which I had to make clear to me and really made all the difference – and I am pretty shure they will to you too.