20. January 2017

The overthinker

I am over it. I am over overthinking. Thinking about my hair and a cut – or maybe not?

I wrote a novel. And I am not talking about “Wer ist Jakob Winter” here. Unfortunately not. I wrote a novel article about my ongoing thougts about whether I should or should not cut my hair. About what my hair is and what it can be – and what it can’t. What I want it to be which is not possible: being very long and thick or at least no longer thin. I wrote about this dilemma many longhaired ladies go through after some years of growing  when for some of them   – like me – it becomes more an more obvious that dream and reality don’t match and probably won’t ever do. I wrote about patience and care, about hope and waiting and years passing by and so so many thoughts in my head. And I wrote about wanting to be the best me. Not a version of me that might be better one day, but now. I wrote about the whish to be positive and therefore do the best for me and my hair I can: loving it for what it is without envy, without longing for somebody else’s hair identity. I am the one who loves the colour seasons and body types as they help to make life easier and more beautiful, a better version of each of us in a very simple way. And I wrote about finally being fed up with waiting for something which might never happen to me: a real Rapunzel’s mane. About looking at myself in the mirror, mild and friendly and just accepting that for now my dream of long and healthy hair is again just a dream. I did not kill this wish, I just brought it to sleep for the next years until maybe my hair will have grown down thick and healthyly  – or not and then I finally have a hairstyle doing the best for me it can. I also wrote about you, who I was afraid to lose, if I decided to cut. But now I am shure that you will stay, because you reflect what my blog already became. Haselnussblond is by far more than only hair, my topics are deeper and smarter than that and so are you. You are always loyal, friendly, communicative and well yes, just my community which I appreciate so much. And so finally I did it. I cut. And it feels free, what is the best my hair can do for me at the moment.

Let go of what no longer serves you.

So my hair might no longer be special in any sense. But I am a confident and positive woman my smile does not depend on my hair.  But of course I will smile widely if I ever can come back of my dream to tailbone length. Maybe. Who knows? I don’t and so I worked with what I see and know and am happy to finally finally have hair which does the best for me it can. No thinned lengths, no hairloss leftovers, no curling iron damage, just my silky fine hair with an even volume and the colour I love. Me. And free. 😀

4 Kommentare

  1. Liebe Heike,
    hab grad interessehalber deine Homepage auf englisch umgeschalten und dabei ist mir aufgefallen, dass dann überhaupt keine Kommentare angezeigt werden! Es steht überall “0 Kommentare”. Weiß nicht, ob dir das aufgefallen ist, wollt ich nur mal anmerken!
    LG Moni

    1. Liebe Moni, ich glaube das liegt daran, dass die Nicht-Deutschen einfach kaum kommentieren. Was mich überlegen lässt, ob ich das Englische überhaupt fortführe…

      1. Hm, daran könnte es auch liegen… Aber es kommentieren ja auch immer wieder viele Leute, dass sie bisher nur mitgelesen haben, ohne zu kommentieren! Vielleicht gibt es ja eine Möglichkeit, von deiner Seite Statistiken anzuschauen, wie oft die englische Seite besucht wird! 🙂

        1. Gibt es. 🙂 Habe ich auch schon gecheckt und es gab auch ein kleines technisches Problem, das aber jetzt behoben ist. Nichts desto trotz machen meine englischen besucher hier nur einen winzigen Bruchteil aus. Deswegen habe ich jetzt auch schon die Übersetzungen der aktuelleren Posts ziemlich eingedampft. Ich gebe dem ganzen jetzt noch einen Moment (nach dem technischen Problem), aber wenn sich an der Statistik nicht viel tut, wird das Englische wohl komplett gestrichen. Wir reden vom niedrigen einstelligen Prozentbereich. Das ist den Aufwand nicht wert.

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