6. January 2017

Hairlength in January 2017: 90cm

90 is the new meter! Combination: – Heiki cut her hair

Indeed. And it was overdue. Unfortunately. A little. Because that my hair needed a cut so badly was mostly because I curled it twice with my curling iron. My dear Luise can curl her hair occasionally with her straightener without damaging her mane significantly, so I thought maybe I could do so too…? But no, my hair is not Luise’s hair and also not comparable to the manes of other ladies I admire on Instagram. Do you know @sarahannabella ? Oh my gosh, she is almost unreal… Bleached and curled hair on such a length. This is something my own hair smiles about mildly – before it breaks off.

My hair in numbers

Length before the cut: 95,5cm
Length after the cut: 90cm
Ponytailcircumference: constantly  6,2cm

And oh my, I was so at odds the last months! I wanted a total make-over inculding a balayage and only BSL and I was close to doing so. Now I am again rather conciliated again with my hair as they are. And, yay, they gain thickness! I did almost exactly the same cut than I did in March/April last spring, which which Nessa and I documented on video for you, only that the effect now is even better. If the little hairloss interlude due to the flue  last year did not happen I am shure the result would have been even better.  Okay and if I didn’t roast my hair twice with the curler. But I am content with my mane now, really.


A big thank you to Andrea by these lines, as she did her very best to stop me from cutting off my hair radically. 🙂 My plan is now to wait again 3 months and then cut again back to 90cm and continue with this pattern until the thick blobb has really grown all the way down.

But for once the realist in me has to interfere here and say: “Hehe, before this happens, you will have received your baby and the post partum hairloss will have demanded its tribute.” The realist. Not the pessimist. My hair is prone to falling off due to almost anything, so yes, unfortunately this is most likely to happen. But until then I will have a nice time. With 90cm of hair and with my extensions for the little extra. And this year I whish to have a beautiful photo with the dear  @ladyamalthea84 . A picture on which our hair will be closer together talking about length and thickness than it was last year. As she also cut last year (but also a while ago), my chance is high that we will be able to shot something beautiful. I mean, of course we will. Whenever I feel dissapointed about my own hairthickness I look at her photos for immediate comfort. So beautiful!


Some of you wondered why my updates here became so rare:

  1. I sleep 12 hours out of 24. Pregnant.
  2. You are really crazy and commented to my pregnancy announcement under my last post so much that it took me hours to answer all! Thank you here again! I hope I overlooked none of you.
  3. In the background I translate my old articles, which takes ages with over 600 posts… But like this I keep on improving this site. 🙂



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