12. January 2017

Babybump week 7, 8 or 9. – What? Aha!

10 days have passend and it is definitely time for an update as so much happened!

Indeed, it was only 10 days ago that I told you that I was pregnant. And here I am with a GIANT update in German, which I will cut short a bit in English just so save time, because… Giant update. Really.

how far

Ha-phhhh… this is the exciting question referring to the title. Calculated from the first day of my period onwards or depending on what the ultrasound at my gynecologist showed? For me and Küki this makes a difference of a whole week. I take the nummber my gyn told me depending on the ultrasound as it makes more sense to me to really count the new baby and not right from the ovocyte waiting for a sperm. Nevertheless also my gynekologist counts from the first day of my last period on and the calculation becomes really confusing when a woman (like me) does not have the perfect statistic of a 28 day cycle and the ovulation is not exactly in the middle of this interval. So… I am, depending on the calculation, in week 8-9 but the developing of the baby tells us 7+4, which is week 8 for my gynecologist but week 7 for the pregnancy tracker app (a German one) I use. Finally cunfused? It was a pleasure. 🙂 Anyways the due-day was recalculated now and haha, it looks like Küki wants to be a birthday present for me. It is supposed to arrive late August, so a virgo like me or maybe still a little lion.

baby’s developement

Küki is slightly over 1cm now and looks like a glassy little bean-alien just using up its yolk sac. It has a heart and Benedict and I had to cry a little, when we saw and heard it on the ultrasound appointement. This is so much more than just a blurry pixel mess. Baby is growing arms and legs and its little tail is vanishing. It builds organs and grows at high speed (about 10% per day).

Oh and baby is alone. No twins. As we have twins in both families this was really an exciting question for us. I would have been super happy about twins but now I am also very releived that my body only has to hatch one little human.

baby bump

I look pregnant in the evenings for people who know that I am. In the mornings there is nothing but a little shifted proportion. I did not grow girth, but my belly looks already different and feels different too. Belly button is inside.


I don’t weigh myself but take measurements. So I only weigh myself at my gynecologist and therfore take yesterday’s weight as my start weight. As my weight naturally fluctuates around 1-2kg (tall woman, eats a lot, drinks a lot of water, has hormones), I could not tell wether I was heavier or lighter than the last time I stood on the scale some months ago.

skin and hair

My hair is oily as usual so I still and again have to wash daily. My skin looks the same as usual: not brutally inflammed, not super clear. I am happy with that considering that I am flooded with hormones and ate a lot of crap the last days. I shed a bit more which can still be depending on my low iron level from last months. Also I still have to have an eye on that with my doctors, as the level dropped even more due to this stage of my pregnancy when the baby wants my iron for itself and naturally my body gives it to it. But we work on that, so don’t worry, I have more than enough experiences with iron and so does my doctors.

other physical changes

Boobs. Funny things, they are. 🙂
No more bleeding since last week.


Oh, I am very tired. As I am a person with to.do-lists I can see that I get only one third of the tasks done I normally accomplish. I still sleep over 10 hours if possible and especially week 7 was exhausting as I had to adapt to this new state. Now I have found my rhythm and habit. I am way slower and get less things done but I don’t feel bad. Nevertheless this is of course a big change for a doer like me. But I am optimist as this week was way better than the last also I hope that with more iron again I will get back some energy.


One day after I revealed my pregnancy here, it started. Not unbearbale, but significant and annoying, feels like light seasickness but it is already leaving me again. Vor the aversions, yes, I have definitely aversions. Salt tastes like acid and I can’t eat a single bit of something salty. Also I react with disgust on the smell of beer (of course I don’t drink it, I never do). Unfortunetaly also many veggies are now on the No-no-list like brokkoli, carrots, any kale or parsnip.


I basically eat like I did as a toddler. Sweet, mild, a lot of meat but only very few veggies. My appetite is very focussed and if I want something I want it a lot and if not please take it out of my sight. It started with a craving for salt (before it switched overnight to aversion), continued with sweets and now I am here with cold, sour food like berries, cucumbers, tomatoes and yoghurt. I LOVE raspberries!

So well the woman eating this giant “What is it?!” while strolling through the forrest with a littel dog, this is me, eating my to-go-snack: a large cucumber. And yes people look really confused. 😀 It is fun. I also did so yesterday in the city. Should have worn a Go-pro to capture passengers’s faces.


Three of my four days off work I do 30-45min of yoga and blackroll. I am super quickly out of breath right now (low iron, baby demands a lot of oxygen for its own) so there is no thinking about heavy weights or cardio.


I am stable and act and feel as usual. Cognitive on the other hand my energy dropped significantly in week 7 when I could not focus for more than 20min on one thing and my willpower was depleted by noon. It is getting better again. I am still happy and exicted about our baby but I am still also the realistic person I always was so I also tackle the problems and work on strategies to solve them. Works.

Any new-ins?

Yes, two books and a little cardigan. This tiny white cloth resulted in a bigger discussion about gender specific or unisex baby clothing. I will talk about that another day.

magic moment

When Benedict and I saw and heard the heartbeat of our baby.

heart-stopping moment

I googled the costs for daycare for children under 3 years. What the…?! I knew it was expensieve but this really knocked me off.

most important new lessons

You can look for a midwife right after you know your are pregnant. I even recommend that. Midwifes are on holidays like other people too. And we are expecting a summer baby… I also learned a lot about prenatal diagnostics. scary topic but I wanted to know. And finally: minimalsm forever! Really. This helps me a lot, ot LOT now that my energy is so low. I work basically on cutting off loose threads now to finish things off and have less topics going on. For this blog this is really difficult as a I started many things before I knew I was pregnant.

preview and resolutions

Hatching. Keeping an eye on my iron levels. Benedict and I talk a lot about what we want to teach our baby, what we want it to learn, which values are important to us.

baby names

In fact we are pretty far with this. I won’t make the names public until the baby is born (surprise! 😀 ) but I talk about names with my family and friends as the discussions turn out to be really interesting. There are many different views on what is important to consider when giving a name. Well, for a boy I guess we already have the finalst. For a girl it turned it more difficult. I did not expect that as normally I think female names are way easier to find. This is definitely something for an own article.

And the papa…?

I only know babybump updates whith the point of view of the Mom-to-be which of course makes sense to focus on her. But we decided that we want to show the other participant too. 🙂

Benedict was really excited about sharing his experiences and he even suggested to write an article about them later in the pregenancy and I am really really looking forward to it and so curious. For today here is what I wrote down, after we talked about it: The phase of realization is finished now, but still it feels a bit unreal and crazy. He is a very nurturing, attentive and considerate person but now he even goes one better. He cares a lot about my pausing and relaxing time, he is happy, when I am on the couch, eating. Last week he came home with maybe the largest grocery haul ever as his intention was to have anything at home for me, as we both did not know what my next craving could be. And it worked. 🙂 He is tender to my belly, kissing hello, good morning and good night to Küki and he supports me by cooking more often and walking the dog. Besides that I noticed that he became more ambitious at work. He says that has nothing to do with the baby, but I guess it is something like “I have to be able to feed my family.” (he is/we are!), analogous to my “I want to reduce my tasks and have less in mind to be ready for the baby.”

Anything else?

Well, if my babybump updates turn out to be this large every time I will have time troubles… But I guess it is just because I am so excited. But… do I want this excitement to stop? I guess not. 😀














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