13. December 2016

Who is Jakob Winter – Scents

This is so typically you! This is something you can say about colours, music, food, spleens, well, almost about everything. And so you can about scents.

I really enjoy such association series. Naturally I did them first with colours, talking about the colour types of my four heros (even though I have to adjust my first coices a bit. Jakob is a Soft Autumn who dresses like a Soft Summer. This works for him, but is not optimal as it makes him slightly paler as he is. How well he turns out with browns and greens is super obvious in my eyes when I look at my intuitive colour choices for him). Well. For today it is all about scents.

Jakob and Tom

Jakob. Smell of Books and Coffee. Sometimes I really love the English language as this is something which sounds just… blocky in German: Der Geruch von Büchern und Kaffee. Anyways, this is Jakob: warm, calm and at the same time attentive. He is more the latte kind of guy, no black coffee, so a rather mild than bitter scent.

Tom. Spiced Cinnamon Oak. I just finished the drawing when it occured to me, that Spiced Maple Cinnamon would have been an even better match because of the sweetness of maplesirup. Tom’s scent is intense, warm, wooden and with a certain spicy sweetness. A very present but not an overpowering scent.

Ellen and Anna

Ellen. Strawberry Lime. Sweet and fruity with a sip of fresh sourness and a hint of bitterness. But it is the sweetness which lingers over all.

Anna. Vanilla minzed Chocolate. Aromatically mild combined with sweet bitterness and a minzed bonus. You might think of After Eight here, but what I had in mind was more a fresh vanilla flavoured mint tea served with a piece of dark chocolate.

More please!

This definitely was fun! Just in case you were interested: I would be a Cashew Caramel Crunch. Sweet, warm, mild but not as lame as pure sugar, but with a certain bite. And I love alliterations… And I would love to have a cashew flatrate. Honestly. 50% of me are made of cashews. The rest is water. I guess.Or cashew lemonade wpuld also be nice… As always I find it hardest to capture myself.
And as I know that some of my loved ones will ask:

Luise, you are a Vanilla Shore.
Benedict is a Toffee Coffee Sunset.
Sabrina is a Candellight Tea.
Cordula, I don’t know you long enough yet, but you are definitely a Morning. I only need to figure out the second aspect.
Niiickike: Guinea Pig! No, just kidding. 😀 You are a Chocolate Chai Breeze.

Along these lines: I wish you a scented Christmas time and happy scent-associating!





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