16. December 2016

Project Pax – Finally enough space in our wardrobe!

Closed due to overcrowding – if this counts for your wardrobe too, I am here with some advice for you to either deal with your old wardrobe better or to find a matching new one.

We have a new one now and its name is Pax. It is a very suitable name as finally I am at peace again with our bedroom. Actually minimalism means at first place to have less topics on your mind and own less possesions. But let’s be honest: when it comes to my wardrobe I tried too hard for way too long. I won’t be a minimalist when it comes to clothes and I even don’t want to be one. I enjoy clothes  just too much. And because of that they deserve an appropriate place and no cramming and stuffing till the back panel of the wardrobe comes off… As I spent two months with sorting, research and finally two days with building and rearranging I have learned quite a lot in this time which can be useful for you too.


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