22. December 2016

Hairfriendly ombré with xtend-your-hair extensions

Can I have such pretty ombré hair please? Just like I see it every day on social media, because they clever algorithms know what I like. Yes? No, it is hairdamaging, especially for such fine hair as mine. Oh but wait…! Yes, I can have that!

Clever as you are you could already tell from the title that this article is sponsored. And I want to make this clear to you, as it is a question of honesty. So, for the extensions I show to you today I did not have to pay. Does this feel wrong? No. I talk about a product I use for many years already and have bought with my own money so far. And you can tell that my eyes were popping a bit when I saw, that xtend-your-hair got ombré extensions in their shop now. So I went straight forward and asked them, if they are interested in collaborating. I know ombré extensions for a while already, but not here from Germany. But now my problem is solved. Yay!

Say Hello to Goldie!

And here it is! My new hair. You already know Mandjula, which is the name for my wavy Flip-in, as I always said, that “This my Indian girl!” when someone commented on my beautiful hair, as the extensions are made of real Indian human hair (Mandjula is Apu’s wife from the Simpsons. Her superthick braid is almost at floorlength). So Goldie is new and I was similarly creative with her name as I was for Püppi (Dolly), my manequin head. Mandjula’s colour is nussbraun (nutbrown), Goldie fades from kastanienbraun (chestnutbrown) to goldblond (you get that also in German 😉 ). Right at my head chestnutbrown is a better match for me, but as my natural hair weathers to a lighter and redder colour every centimeter downwords, the more reddish nutbrown is a better match for me to blend in invisibly.


Both flip-ins are 60cm long. But Goldie is not only new because of the colour, xtend-yourhair really leveld up their quality – even though I appreciated their products already before. You see the thin nylon yarn? It is now a lot ticker and a bit elastic, which is way more comfprtable to wear as this thread carries all the weight. Also the seam is better manufactured now, no itchy hair left, all smooth under this little lacy fabric. I can wear my flip-ins without problems for about 6 hours. If I move the nylon a bit I can go for even longer like a whole day on Nickike’s wedding. I wore the flip-in (Mandjula) for over 12 hours. With the new yarn this should be even more comfortable.

Volume & Structure

Additionally Goldie has a really remarkable ponytailcircumference. I estimate it is one row of tresses more than on Mandjula. Evidently Mandjula’s hair is wavy and Goldie’s is straight. I wanted to compare both and choose depending on my natural hair which has more wavy and more straight days. On straighter days I look a bit frizzy wearing Mandjula, and the other way round, when my hair is really wavy it is not made to be worn with Goldie. Straight to straight, wavy to wavy.


The colours are really nice for me. Really warm, light but not extremely bleachy blonde, but the tips could have been a bitter lighter maybe. The flip-in is around 5cm longer than my own hair. and blends in really nice. And this is maybe the only critic I have to make: the ombré gradient could have been wider and softer and it is in my eyes pretty high on the head. With extensions of this length the proportion between natural and bleached is not optimal I think. For me, as I have hair of the same length this is not too bad, especially as my hair thins naturally (who would have told me that this could be ever an edavantage?!) which creates this soft gradient together with the flip-in. But also on me you see that especially at the sides where my hair is the thinnest, the blonde goes far upwards and is rather blocky.

Balayage vs. Ombré

Around 3/4 of the extensions are bleached without highlights or lowlights. This means, if you want to use them not only to thicken up your hair and add colour, but also to have longer hair, the gradient won’t turn out as you might expect it. If you wear extensions matching your own haircolour you only need to style a bit to blend them in, especially if your hemline is rather thick. But with different colours of natural hair and extensions and the extensions being longer than your hair you can end up with a really harsh colour block which can look like a lighter undercolour or a littel strange grown out bleach blonde. Finding the optimal position of the gradient from darker to lighter colour for every client is not possible for manufacturer of the extensions because as I tried to explain this depends a lot on the mane of the client and also her desires (only lighter ends or an all over lighter obré almost up to the roots?). Straight hair here is way more difficult than wavy hair as there is no movement in the mane to blend in the colours. This is also why the typical balayage pictures show wavy hair most of the times.

My recommendation

I really think that these ombré extension are pretty cool to have an occasional bleached blonde effect without damaging your own hair. And many of you comment on my natural weathering which is something you can have with these ombré extensions too. But again, don’t aim for longer hair with these extensions. For a softer blending a layered haircut and/or extensions at the same length as your own hair help a lot. And as you see on the photos with my curled hair, waves and curls do a very good job too to blend. Curled we approach the overall more natural look of balayage even more, which I really like. Again: no extended hairlength here. If you aim for this, better go for for extensions matching your own haircolour and order test strands to find the perfect match.

To be able to really extend your hair with ombré extensions too, the gradient must be by far more irregular and be more like a real balayage with highlights and lowlights, less this gradient between two colours only. Unfurtunately this is something I did not find in extemsions yet, but maybe this would be a product to think about dear xtend-your-hair team? I would totally go for it! But I guess when you do so, every extension-set must be a special custom order to match your client perfectly… Something difficult for a product to ship, better to sell in store.

Am I content?

Talking about quality, length and thickness, yes I am! Totally. 100%. For the colour I must point at my own expectation which could not be fulfilled, so this is not xtend-your-hair to blame. They offered ombré, and I got a really pretty ombré. I did not get balayage and this is what is the only thing I seem to miss. So I will wear Goldie curled most of the time and like this I can be really happy with her. Considering this, this article here should be really helpful for you, as I could compare different structures (wavy and straight) and I could tell you about that little trap with the idea of longer ombré hair. But, hm, I already have something else on my mind: I still think about recreating a dip-dye look and Goldie would be perfect for that. Carnationpink ends really caught my heart, when iI had them, years ago. But not now for Christmas. Now it is time for gold!

Ach ich habe noch etwas für euch!

Und zwar ein kleines Goodie:

5% Rabatt auf eure Bestellung mit dem code

Und der Code gilt auch für länger, nicht nur um Weihnachten und auch für den gesamten Shop und nicht nur für die Ombré-Extensions. Da könnt ihr also etwas überlegen. Aber so für die Feiertage ist das natürlich schon ziemlich cool… In diesem Sinne: Genießt die Weihnachtszeit, sie ist schon fast vorbei!



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