1. December 2016

Hairlength in December: 94,5cm

New month, new post about my hairlength!

New month, new post about my hairlength! And hey, my hair grew 1,5cm since the last cut! Maybe it grew even a bit more if you measure the very last hair. Well, 1,5cm sounds both nice and realistic, 2cm would be just too good. Meanwhile my ponytailcircumference “rose” so 6,2cm which is 1mm more than last month. This means, that I have the same circumference for almost a year now, constantly slightly over 6cm. I still wonder if there can be more.

What is the perspective?

94,5cm length and the decision to let my hair untouched this month and then, two months after the last cut, to trimm when the new year begins. I won’t wait any longer, because my tips really suffered a bit. Maybe you saw it on Instagram that I hit the 10k milstone there (Isn’t this crazy? I mean, me! The girl with the fragile hair which even hasn’t got a super special length or so, well, I am more than flattered!) and I celebrated that with a head of extensions and curlingiron curls. Oh my dear, that looked so good! I would love to wear this more often!

But my hair says: Nope!

But my hair just said no. It  obviously doesn’t like heatstyling at all. I have significanly more split ends and even breakage in the lower 10-15cm now. So well, even though I would love to have that look more often and telling myself: “Ah, come on! Just dress up, hairfriendlyness is not everything!”, no, this does not work for me. With my hairstructure I have to be super gentle and caring. I don’t have hair like many other girls you see on social media who can blow out and curl and straighten their hair with the only consequence, that they maybe cannot reach classic length, but hiplength is perfectly fine for them. Nope. If I use heatstyling the end of my longhairjourney would be reached at BSL because I remember that from older days and nothing changed. So well.

Nevertheless it looked nice. Trial and error. 😉

Anyways, the look was really pretty and I enjoyed it. Trial and error. I am really excited about my hairlength at the end of the year. I plan to trim to have a length of around 90-93cm afterwards. Maintaining, letting my regrowth catch up. Now that I don’t groew my hair any longer for a while, there should be progress visible in the thickness of the lengths soon. And I am really, really looking forward to this.






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