3. December 2016

“Rocher” energyballs

There are certain things, certain conventional sweet treats, which… yes, which I really miss sometimes. That is why I try to imitate them occasionally. Just like I did with Rocher.

These energy bliss balls are currently my favourites, even though I have to be honest right at the start: they are just Rocher inspired, they are not like Rocher, as they have no creamy chocloate filling. But the balls are so haselnut crunchy, they hide a roasted haselnut in the inside and the chocolateglaze with haselnut brittel is also tasteworthy.


1 package of ground hazelnuts (200g)
1 tablespoon of coconutoil
2 hands full of cocoabutter
1/ package of buckwheat (250g)
200g dates (the stickier, the better)
3 tablespoons of cocoapowder
1/3 package whole haselnuts
100g of dark chocolate for the glaze

How to

Melt coconutoil and cocoabutter and chop the dates as fine as possible with a large kitchen knife or with the help of a foodprocessor. Kneed a dough of everything except for the whole haselnuts and the dark chocolate. Then form balls and press one haselnut in the middle, close the ball again and kneed to a solild ball. When you are done, put the balls aside to cool while you melt the dark chocolate (eventually add some coconutoil, if you want the glaze to be less solid) and chop some of the haselnuts. After glazing the balls sprinkle them with the chopped haselnuts, chill and done. Ge-ni-us! The secret lies in the buckwheat. Even though I shred it in my Vitamix, the seeds remain large enough that they create this crunchy brittle sensation, which is something I immediately fell in love with, when I created my buckwheat energy balls.

Bon appetit!

And we will see us soon again as promised (next week) with the next energy bliss ball recipe! You find already more recipes in the article about my Christmas calender.





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