22. December 2016

Hairfriendly ombré with xtend-your-hair extensions

Can I have such pretty ombré hair please? Just like I see it every day on social media, because they clever algorithms know what I like. Yes? No, it is hairdamaging, especially for such fine hair as mine. Oh but wait…! Yes, I can have that!


16. December 2016

Project Pax – Finally enough space in our wardrobe!

Closed due to overcrowding – if this counts for your wardrobe too, I am here with some advice for you to either deal with your old wardrobe better or to find a matching new one.

We have a new one now and its name is Pax. It is a very suitable name as finally I am at peace again with our bedroom. Actually minimalism means at first place to have less topics on your mind and own less possesions. But let’s be honest: when it comes to my wardrobe I tried too hard for way too long. I won’t be a minimalist when it comes to clothes and I even don’t want to be one. I enjoy clothes  just too much. And because of that they deserve an appropriate place and no cramming and stuffing till the back panel of the wardrobe comes off… As I spent two months with sorting, research and finally two days with building and rearranging I have learned quite a lot in this time which can be useful for you too.


13. December 2016

Who is Jakob Winter – Scents

This is so typically you! This is something you can say about colours, music, food, spleens, well, almost about everything. And so you can about scents.

I really enjoy such association series. Naturally I did them first with colours, talking about the colour types of my four heros (even though I have to adjust my first coices a bit. Jakob is a Soft Autumn who dresses like a Soft Summer. This works for him, but is not optimal as it makes him slightly paler as he is. How well he turns out with browns and greens is super obvious in my eyes when I look at my intuitive colour choices for him). Well. For today it is all about scents.


3. December 2016

“Rocher” energyballs

There are certain things, certain conventional sweet treats, which… yes, which I really miss sometimes. That is why I try to imitate them occasionally. Just like I did with Rocher.

These energy bliss balls are currently my favourites, even though I have to be honest right at the start: they are just Rocher inspired, they are not like Rocher, as they have no creamy chocloate filling. But the balls are so haselnut crunchy, they hide a roasted haselnut in the inside and the chocolateglaze with haselnut brittel is also tasteworthy.


1. December 2016

Hairlength in December: 94,5cm

New month, new post about my hairlength!

New month, new post about my hairlength! And hey, my hair grew 1,5cm since the last cut! Maybe it grew even a bit more if you measure the very last hair. Well, 1,5cm sounds both nice and realistic, 2cm would be just too good. Meanwhile my ponytailcircumference “rose” so 6,2cm which is 1mm more than last month. This means, that I have the same circumference for almost a year now, constantly slightly over 6cm. I still wonder if there can be more.