17. November 2016

Fulltime, parttime – lifetime

Waiting for home time, for weekend, for holidays – waiting for retirement?

This article here is all about my experience of work-life-balance, something so popular in the media over the last years and something which evidently is part of my thinking for long. As my text is superlong and my statistics tell me, that content like this I basically consumed by my German readers I add only a very short translation here.

What I wrote down here in novel format is, that it is simple calculation, that when you want to take good care of yourself, when you are a person who needs firm 8 hours of sleep and can’t compete with others who need only 5 or 6 hours, when you don’t have assistants like a nanny or a help for housework, then it is impossible to have a hobby or a passion next to your main 9-to-5 job, especially if 9-to-5 usually means 7-6 when you count in your lunchbreak and the time you need to arrive at work and afterwards back home. So 10 to 11 hours a day spent for working and getting there. I am such a person who is not made for this.

I don’t want more, I want better.

And the sad thing about that is at first place, that we are told to compete, we are told that adulthood is about dealing with the fact, that you have to work your pretty backside off and cut short on your desires. But at the same time we know deep from the inside that this can’t be everything. I see many people my age on the verge of total exhaustion and I lived close to this gap for long enough to really feel the breathe from the deep too. This is why I am here now with only 20 hours of office worktime left, on only 3 days a week. I invest in myself, knowing this is a higher risk, than getting paid a higher salary on a monthly basis, but I believe that my ideas have potential.

I explain in this article how important it is to really know where your time is going and also how important it is so be realistic and honest about the alternatives. For me – for us! – it turned out that we started this new life now with Benedict being the one who pays the most. This looks like a traditional role model for husband and wife but it is far from that as I work at home a lot – but on projects which are meant to create income in the future. For this I am grateful for Benedict’s trust in me, as I am somehow an investion with high risk for him.

And to you I want to say: This new life might look exciting and it definitely is, but make shure to check your finances beforehand very carefully especially your pension rights. I can only talk about Germany here, but for me as the one who earns a low salary this leads to a very high risk of poverty when being old. So we – I – have to take care of this on our own, society, the state, won’t.
That said I want to add that against all financial odds Benedict and I are super happy with our decision. Because for the first time in years we are at a point where adult obligations and the things which bring joy to our hearts are clostest to be done properly and really lived. It feels calm and warm. And of course there is the excitement of a new beginning.

Lots of love!




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