22. November 2016

Progress 2 years after hairloss

Crazy two years are over already. So long, to short. Of course my hair did not regrow down to the tips. But it covered a significant distance. Have a look!

As all half years before I made a comparison again. And honestly I did not know until I editied the photos what I was about to see: progress? Or maybe just a big reason to cut?

Maybe you saw this video on Instagram?
It shows pretty impressive the diffference between my lengths and the regrowth.


There is a lot of progress, especially when it comes to the buns. But I have to be honest: I expected more. My ponytailcircumference hit a plateau at a bit more as 6cm for around a year now. I come from 7,8cm… a circumference, which I easily reached again after the irondeficiancy within two years, also starting at 5cm. It is questionable if the missing 1,6cm will follow. My prophecy: I think I will reach the 6,5cm milestone again, especially now with my new lifestyle. And you must not forget that I had three months of a minor hairloss this early summer due to the flu. So there is a certain range for improvement left. Nevertheless I am over 30 and I have had already many hairloss episodes in my life. From all you can read, you could tell that hair unfortunately has only a limited amount of lifecycles. And this can mean – does not have to! – that my mane won’t ever regain its former volume.

But who can work with what-ifs? I still have my extensions and I still take good care of my fragile hair. And I am not aiming for more length right now. But when I compare the picture on the left with the pictures on the right one thing is clear to me: I just cannot identify with the girl on the left. It is just not me and it never felt like me all the years. Taking this into consideration I will maintain my hairlength for another period of 6 month and than compare again. If the state gets worse (thinner) or just stays as it is now I might cut my hair to a length which I can wear down pretty and add my extensions for my beloved Rapunzellook. If it improves I will dance in happiness.
What I want to say is: even though I suffer from that amputated feeling, when my hair is too short for me, I suffer more, when I have that feeling, that I cannot show off my hair, because it looks neglected. Because the length can be compensated with extensions, the state of my own hair can’t. I am not yet at this point, but the status quo is only acceptale for me as a part of my journey. If it turns out that this is already the final goal, I will adjust. I want to look my best. This comes before the longest hair possible. But hey, just look at the buns again! I tell you: there will be more progress. It won’t be the first time, that I came so much further than others told me, when it came to my health. So well. 🙂 Let’s make deep treatements, trimm occasionally, look in the mirror and smile because you are beautiful and the rest, well the rest is up to time. It will do its job. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? And it is a nice plan.


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