4. November 2016

Hairlength in November: 93,5cm

A little lifesign from me: I cut my hair.

Holidays. Vacations. Coming to rest. These are my top priorities right now. And that is why my blog sees fewer updates than you are used to. But there will be other times again soon. For now I enjoy my free time to recharge.

As I proclaimed long before I cut my hair with the beginning of my new life. Couragous 3 to maybe even 3,5cm were sacrificed. Result: 93,5cm length with still 6,1cm of ponytailcircumference.

Did you get the ironic voice? Well, I aimed for a cut with smybolic character and… well, for that I would have needed a far bigger cut. Also I shake my head, about myself: Considering the momentary cutting wave which caught, Nessa, Sabrina, Michi, Lena and when we calculate all 2016 also Andrea and Luise (and… I guess Lenja and Dani too did a bigger chop this year, didn’t they?), than of all things it is just the girl who needed a cut the most – me – who cut the smallest amount.

But why? Be brave!

Or not? Because I like this proportional length on myself a lot. Still I am a big friend of APL to BSL on myslef, that has always been very flattering, but also a bit boring as it is such a coommon length and I somehow have this picture of me in my mind with hair, which is special. We can question that, because: do I really need very long hair for this especially as my hair is at the same time so thinned? Perfect was tailbonelength. Nice is everything from hiplength downwards, maybe even starting at lower waist. But between APL/BSL and lower waist/hiplength is such a loooong distance to cover, with hairlengths I consider to be really unspectacular on me. These length are neither very flattering, nor really long, they are just hair. And quickly we are back to this urge to have special hair.

I am not at the point to cut back to BSL. Besides that I need a length of 90cm plus to have a comfortable length for scalp-wash. As I wash my hair almost daily this really weighs in for my decision.

Do or Don’t

Anyways my mind keeps turning around cutting or not cutting more centimeters. The lengths are still so whispy (I will show that to you soon, on white cothes and so on, as for today I arrived with only pretty photos). And I am annoyed, that this topic keeps on lingering in my head. Unfortunately a cut won’t help here as than I will be back to a length where I will think about this missing length over and over. At least this is most likely to happen. And so I keep on wondering, and overthinking a topic which really is not worth the effort. Who knows? Maybe I will come to the point soon to just try it and cut it in the attempt to stop this overthinking. Because this rumination seems to be more annoying than the actual problem with the length-thickness-correlation.

I have scheduled the next cut for the change of years. We will see if I will put my hands on the scissors even before that. Besides that I have an obvious frizz problem which I cannot solve neither with deep treatement nor with leave-ins nor with the way I dry my hair or with which tool I comb it. I suggest, that my regrowth took fully over now, which means that there is too few long hair left to weigh it down and together with the new wavy hairstructure and this dry heating air in the cold season my hair turns out as you see it: fluffy and looking dry even when silky and smooth. Looking at this the urge to cut grows…





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