28. November 2016

Energyball adventcalender

Homemade ist just the best, isn’t it? And especially if it is as tasty as this.

We already reached the holiday season which means the lights are out, if you are American you have put up your tree and for me here in Dortmund it means that the city has the larges Christmas tree of the world again (no kidding, it is!). And I, I decided to make Christmas calenders for my loved ones. For all those people who went with me through this super strange year of 2016 and bringing it to a good end. Wow.
For you this means that I have many recipes for energy bliss balls pendings because only one sort would be boring, I thought. Additionally I start today with the tutorial for a pretty and  super easy Christmas calender.

What you need for the Christmas calender:

  • A pretty board, flat bowl or alike. My wooden boards are from Nanunana and cost 2-3 Euro. There are very similar ones at Depot’s.
  • Fabric. Better buy something thicker to avoid greasy stains from the energy balls from the inside. The fabric was by far the most expensieve part of my calenders. As an alternative you can go for bigger paper napkins with Christmas prints but here the fat comes through quicklier. Each littel bag needs fabric of the size of around 20x20cm. Like this you can calculate how many meters of fabric you need.
  • Pretty yarn. I had some decorative leftover yarn here but basically used simple packing yarn you can get at the postal office. It looks nice and natural and is not expensieve.
  • Cake-pop-sticks. I got mine from dm and practically one package contains 48 sticks, so exactly the number needed for two calenders.
  • Maskingtape/washitape for the little flags. I had some at home but you get the tapes at any crafting store or even at the dollar shop.
  • Scissors and a pencil or another pen which writes on washi. Fineliner does not work, I tried that.
  • Decoration. What you like. I collected pine cones. When it is wet outside the cones are closed and can be washed with an old toothbrush and than put on the heater to dry again. While drying they open up again. Pretty deco, for free. An always nice alternative are littel lanterns. No open candles so close to the fabric. 😉

How to make the Christmas calender.

  • First of all collect the pine cones, brush them and dry them for at least 2 days.
  • Make energyballs of desire.
  • Cut fabric into 20x20cm large pieces. The large paper napkins can be cut in half so that you fold them to a squre again.
  • Cut the yarn in short pieces. I wrapped it 24 times around my thigh (close to the knee) and cut that open (the yarn, not the thigh obviously). Like that I easily had 24 pieces of yarn of the same length.
  • Shorten the cake-pop-sticks, as they are a bit too long as they are.
  • Create the flags with the washitape and the sticks.
  • Write numbers from 1 to 24 on the flags.
  • And then you only have to stick the flags into the energy balls and wrap them with the fabric, tied up with the yarn. Littel bow and done.

One for Mama, one for me…

The most time consuming work is crafting the little flags. And creating the balls, depending on how many sorts you want. And… as I did not do all the crafting in one big effort and naturally I ate some balls in the meantime too, I had to make a second batch of all my energy balls, because I claimed too many for my own. It was just too delicious not to do it. You need as many sorts as you want to produce calenders. Around 24 balls can be made from each recipe, depending on the size of the balls and the roar of your own appetite of course.


You can find many recipes for energy balls already on my blog but there will follow more the coming days:

oat cookiedough balls

chocolate orange cookiedough balls

amaranth balls

almond date balls
on the blog as bars, but rolling the dough is no big deal

chocolate almond rhombs
also easy to make balls of the dough

Buchweizen-Schoko-Bällchen / buckwheat chocolate balls
the crust of my Autumn Cake

Have fun creating an tasting!






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