22. November 2016

Cashew Amaranth Bliss Balls with Chocolate and Orange

You can’t ever have enough energy bliss balls.
And I just promised you more recipes.

Amaranth bliss balls are delicious and I really love my chocolate orange balls. And when it comes to cashews, well cashews are real staple food for me These energy balls today are a hybrid of these three favourites.

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60g amaranthpoppies (half a package)
150g  cashews (half a package)
1/2 package orangenzest (I use the one from dm)
some vanilla
1 tablespoon coconutoil
2 hands full of cocoabutter
4 tablespoon maplesirup
2 tablespoon cashewbutter
1 bar dark chocolate (100g)

How to

Melt cocoabutter and coconutoil while you shred amaranth and the cashews in your blender. You don’t need flour here, but the cashews need to be ground and the amaranth just joins it. Then mix all ingredients except for the dark chocolate in a bowl and kneed. Chop half of the chocolate bar (I prefer stracciatella size), add to the dough and kneed. You do this at the end to avoid melting of the dark chocolate when it comes into contact with the hot mixture of melted cocoabutter and coconutoil. Nothing grave happens if it does, but it looks prettier if it doesn’t. Form balls. If the dough is to runny, add amaranth, if it is too solid, add cashewbutter.

Set the balls aside in a chilly place to harden and melt the second half of the chocolate bar. When the amaranth balls are hardened, glaze them and again let them cool on a rack. Optionally you can sprinkle them with some extra orangezest. This looks pretty and if you glaze some more different energy balls then you can easily tell them apart like this.

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