9. October 2016

Nickike’s Wedding Hairstyle Preview

Here comes the bride, here comes the bride…! – Okay, almost. 🙂

A wonderful weekend has passed for us and especially for Nickike and her husband. And whilst I am back to work again and need a little time so sort the photos  you can now see the hairstyle Nickike wore, because now, now I am allowed to show you the photos from the test hairstyle in May.

Just a little more patience before there will be more updates. And again: Nickike, you were just amazing! You adn your knight in mudcoloured armour. I did not understand this insider(was it about colour seasons? 😀 ) but is was funny nonetheless. And I sacrificed some tears for you.

You can find a video tutorial for the elasticbraid on Nessa’s YouTube channel.



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