4. October 2016

Hairlength in October: 96cm

Another month has passed! Wow! Thank God…

In fact, time passes. And this is something I am grateful for momentarily. Somehow bitter as it is so true: no day will ever return, so counting the days is nothing worth striving for. But now there are only 2 weeks left till I reduce worktime from 5 to 3 days per week at the office. Who is not only watching but also reading on Instagram knows that this is really a final sprint. And in fact I would really like to lie down and wait for somebody to carry me over the finish line. Usually you are this somebody yourself…

So my hair has gained 1cm of length and lost 1mm of ponytailcircumference which lead to 96cm of length and 6,1cm of ponytail. Unfortunately I again shed more than it would be okay for around  three weeks… But this is no wonder. Because first I had a little crises 3 months ago when I came to the decision of reducing worktime, second I am really under the weather right now and stress, my experience, leads both to increased shedding after that typical 3 month interval due to hairgrowth cycles and to immediate results in your brush.

This shedding is not that nice, of course, but it is already over again. 96cm of length also mean that my scheduled 2cm cut back to 94cm is due. But I wait for the wedding to pass, as I might torture my hair a bit with the curling iron for that. And additionally as I already mentioned some time before, I like to have a symbolic cut, when I transition to my new l work- and lifestyle.

So well: 96cm and there will grow some more millimeters until I have a date with the scissors again.

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