29. September 2016

Wedding guest, which dress to wear? – This dress!

And here she comes showing you a fourth dress. Why? Because you really did a great job giving your opinions and advice. So why? Because:

Why not the floral dress?

Because it is a summer dress and the wedding is in autumn. In fact your comments really made all the difference to me. When writing that article I had not in mind that the bright colours and the design might not be a very good match to location and time. And additionally this dress has the deepest cutout back and therefore is the dress the most difficult to wear for me with my troublesome skin.

Why not the blue dress?

This dress in fact was the first I dismissed, even though I still love the look a lot. It is too tight. Your suggestion to give it to a taylor to get it laced at the back as a replacement for the zipper was very good. I keep that in mind and maybe I will do that anyways but not for this wedding.

Why not the grey dress?

Granted, the dress looks great on photos – as long as I pose. Everybody who knows this dress life says: “Wow beautiful lace – but really it is a bit short, isn’t it?” In fact it is even shorter at the back than at the front. The dress lacks 5-8cm at the front and at the back over 10cm when I am barefoot! If I am not posing the dress really screws my proportion and I look strangely dumpy and shortlegged. Believe that or not, but it is so. But it may stay for reasons of fun photos. But as mentioned above I really don’t like to be photographed in it, when I am not aware of the camera. And really, I have to put on a ton of make-up to balance the difficult colour for me. Still now when I am nicely tanned.

And then there was Luise’s soft blue dream gown (I could try it on as she ordered two sizes to check which fits her best). And so I saw how a dress can/should fit, when it matches your body. Especially the length. From that point on I was comnpketely over my grey dress. Luise’s dress is from Mango and so I started searching for that label as obviously they taylor for my size (I am 1,79m tall, which is 5″10). And here we are! I found a dress via ebay. And it is even very similar to the one Luise will wear, just mine is pastel pink. It is a size M and so the taylor needs to adjust  a bit to make it a little bit tighter but even now I am in love. Tuesday I can go fetch it.

I even found shoes and a matching cardigan very easily. So I will be the tall girl that day. Who cares (me a bit)? I will be over 6 foot tall with these pretty peeptoes but if certain photo motives ask for it I will just slip out of my shoes and as it will be a very long day I will have my ballerinas to change anyways.

I am super happy! This is how I imagined it. 😀 So the only thing we need to pray for is the weather. As always when it comes to weddings. But so far to prophecies look good.




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