24. September 2016

The Autumn Cake: Crunchy Creamy Pumpkin Chocomousse with Figs, Cinnamon and Beechnuts

There can’t be more autumn: pumokin, nuts, figs and beechnuts… wow.! And chcolate. Chocolate is always a good choice!

This here is a typical case of: “Oh in my head this already looks very pretty, let’s better note the recipe while creating it!” And yes, good I did so. The cake here is one of my best creations so far. It is vegan, paleo and a sweet treat which is made with only very few sirup. And you know, refined sugar is never an ingredient in my recipes. The result is a crunchy sweet chcolate crust with a cacaobittersweet mousse on top, garnished with slices of figs and beechnuts caramelized in coconutnectar which balances the cacao bitterness smoothly. It is a no-bake-cake which tastes best served right from the fridge but which is also stable in comfortable cozy roomtemperature. Aaaaand addtionally the cake is perfect for families with small children. It is a pedagogically valuable day task which is balm for parents’s nerves.