4. August 2017

Visit the new www.haselnussblond.de website in german language.

Join the new website www.haselnussblond.de in german language.


I am sorry, but I decided that I won’t continue to translate my articles. If you want to see all pictures and give the German version a try, switch to “DEUTSCH” in the top right corner of the header.


My statistics are clear: 95% of my readers speak German and as I tend to write very long articles, the translations are very, very time consuming for me, even though I am fast at them. But you can still follow my Instagram if you like which will remain bilingual.

I hope you are not too disappointed. If my statics change, I might reconsider translating again.


19. July 2017

Senza Limiti exhibition: today, gallery Scheytt in Munich

Senza Limiti’s hairjewelry is unique and precious – something not only I know for shure, but also the gallery Scheytt in Munich realized.Today Senza Limiti has an exhibition there. And we – the longhaired girls from our Allgäu-meetup at Nessa’s – had the honor to showcase some of their jewelry in a promo video.

And so I have to give a big, big thank you not only to Senza Limiti, who gave their artworks to us, but also to Nessa who did all the filming, editing and postproduction necessary to create this beautiful little film. We other girls were just happily modelling for her.

So if you want to see more and in detail and are also intersted in meeting Gundula and Giuseppe in person here is the place and the time to be today:

Wednesday 19. Juli 2017
11:00-20:00 Uhr
Gallery Schett, Kaiserstraße 23 in Munich

Have fun! And I heard Nessa will be there too! I would have loved to join the exhibition too, but with over 600km of distance and being so close to the end of my pregnancy I decided to be better safe and only a bit sorry, that I stay here, than taking the risk of this long journey. And if you see something in this video here, which strikes you eye, always feel free to contact Senza Limiti via info@senzalimiti.net to ask for a reservation of a certain accessoire. 🙂

Klick “read more” for some photos!


16. July 2017

When is the right time for a baby? – Money, society and personal growth

This is the first of two parts concerning this higly requested topic of this important question in life. Today I am here with some hard facts about money and society here in Germany, next time I will be back with how we made our personal decision.

There is nothing like the right time for kids!
Having children may not be a question of money!
If the baby is there, things will work out.

These words are all so true, but, unfortunately also so naive. At least they are for starting a family in Germany. I will keep things short again today, as this is really depending on the place you live and I can only talk about my government here.


11. July 2017

Hair in July: Big comparison of length and volume

Longer, thicker better! I just love my pregnancy hair!
My mane is at its best and I enjoy it every day.

Just as teasered last time I am here this month with a big comparison of my growth concerning length and thickness on different backgrounds and in braids, buns and with hair down.


1. July 2017

Heiki reads: The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

“Gooood morniiiiing!”, Miracle Morning, this sounds like somebody freaking out in excitement even before daylight to motivate you to live the best day of your life right now. Stressful overpositive people they are. 😉 In fact the Miracle Morning is the opposite of stressful and has helped me a lot to start my days way more focussed and happy and live my life both more relaxed and productive.

A good start is halfway to your goal

It is how we start our days which determines how we live our days, weeks, months and oops, another year has passed! The morning is the time of the day to tackle the most important tasks before we get worn by our daily life.

First things first

Depending on the Miracle Morning these first things are supposed to be things, which you do to invest in yourself to become the preson you need to be to create the life you want to live. It is all about selfdevelopement and selfcare. These things should be done as they are things which are most likely to be postponed to the end because we “don’t have time”. So do them before your job, your studies, household or any other obligations wear you out. You are your biggest investment. I could not agree more.

You can’t pour from an empty glass.


24. June 2017

Babyshower, maternity leave and… just about 10 weeks left!

I really love garden parties! No need to party hard, just feasting, chatting, laughing and taking photos: In my world this is perfect!
Also perfect is the fact that I left for maternity protection this week and am now off from work for around 14 months. What a great chance to develope, to grow and enjoy this very new and challenging time of life!

We had really nice weather, our garden was pretty and in bloom and my girls came over to eat and chat – last Saturday we celebrated Merle’s babyparty in an all relaxing way. Of course we tidyed and cleaned before hand and prepared some food, also we decorated the garden with our wedding decoration paper balls but besides that no fancy extras like garlands or bottle shaped cupcakes or rompershaped cake. No games, just being. Perfect, I already said so.


19. June 2017

Heiki reads: Rethinking Positive Thinking: Inside the New Science of Motivation by Gabriele Oettingen

Live your dreams and reach your goals! Positive thinking is something we should do for that, we constantly hear. But really? Is it this easy? Almost. And positive thinking is in fact not the answer. Not alone.

When I got pregnant and was stuck in the first trimester of nauseousness I realized two things: my plans concerning my dreams (blog, book, working as a freelancer) needed to be adjusted and I needed a tool to overcome this crazy time of feeling totally energy depleted. Looking for tools I grabbed this book from my shelf which I already owned for longer, but now it was time. And it really was what I needed. This book and another one I will introduce to you another day. They both helped me A LOT to overcome this difficult time and actually work more effective and consistantly on my goals than I ever had, even though I am still pregant of ourse and have more topics on my mind and to do list than ever.


13. June 2017

Welcome to Merle’s nursery!

I proudly present the almost finished baby’s room

Finally! Merle’s room is finished enough that I can fool myself to say it is finished – even though some things are still missing. I just guess that we will get some decoration and toys the next time, so I did not buy any further and wait for what will come. you know I am a pro at waiting. Not!


8. June 2017

Senza Limiti Angelique with Rosequartz

Mey Allgäu-souvenir and at first place jewelry with a meaning for me. Because I not only had an eye on the Senza Limiti KPO forks with these little leaves, I also had my plans about rosequartz.

We remeber how my pregnancy started with euphoria – just to be slowed down almost totally by the lowest energy I experienced for ages and endless weeks of nauseousness. What did I do in that situation? I watched youtube (and Vox-no with “Zwischen Tüll und Tränen”, a docutainment about brides finding their wedding dress, similar to the Amercian “My perfect wedding dress”) to let the time pass between start of nauseousness and finally bedtime. I watched a lot from Holistic Habits and Sarah has such beautiful gemstones! Maybe out of sympathy I started carrying around my rosequartz palmstone, because me too I own some gemstones, I even colleckted them, when I was a kid… And then I bought two further rosequartz palmstones. For a few weeks I carried them with me in my jeans’ pockets and played with them in my hands.
Meanwhile they are back on my nightstand just being decorative.


5. June 2017

Heiki reads: HypnoBirthing by Marie Mongan

One of the highest recommandations I got concerning pregnancy books and so I read it too. Even though this – again – is a book I would not have chosen by cover and title for myself. Luckily I learned to listen to recommandations first. And I recommend it too. But not for everybody. 😉

What is it all about?

About birth and labor obviously. A natural, easy, painfree birth, so claims the cover. With audio CD: Do I have to listen to it…? Well okay I take the easy, painfree birth to go, please. So let’s start reading.